Bajada makes Italian table tennis debut on Saturday

Friday, October 1, 2010, 12:29
Daniel Bajada

Daniel Bajada

National table tennis champion Daniel Bajada will make his official debut with Italian Serie B1 side ASD Fiaccola on Saturday evening with a home tie against ASD Tennistavolo Norbello from Sardegna. The match will be played at the IISS Pinto Anelli Complex in Castellana Grotte and is scheduled to start at 6pm. The other players forming part of the team are Roberto Minervini (ranked no. 65), Giuseppe Coletta (ranked no. 558) and Piero Parigi (ranked no. 530).
A total of eight teams will be competing in Girone D with the top team winning automatic promotion to Serie A2.

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  1. master eye says:

    ejja minn emm bajdu gd luck ehhh


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