Azzopardi wins rifle competition on 300mtr‏

Thursday, May 9, 2013, 22:01
Last Sunday Patrick Azzoppardi and Vincent Calleja from The On Target Shooting Club that is affiliated with The MSSF, took part in The Sicilian Shooting Championships. Their first encounter was in The 300M Rifle event. This competition was set on custom build benchrest rifles without weight limit. Fourty five  shooters took part in this competition where most of them were members of The Brenchrest  Italia, Long Range Italian champions and Ex military sharp shooters.
 The event started with a strong wind and rainy weather which made the visibilty not suitable for rifle shooting. The weather improved in the afternoon with less wind and tempretures rising very well.
The Maltese shooter Patrick Azzopardi managed a good score of 93/100 +0, placing first overall.
Lacono Rosario placed second with 92/100 +1.
Alfio Musumeci placed third with 90/100 + 1.
                       Patrick Azzoppardi qualified to shoot the IOM competition, that is a one shot on a 2cm dot on 300M range. He was the only shooter not to miss this target.  The other Maltese shooter, Vincent Calleja, made his debut on a  300M range where he managed a score of 83 points out of a possible 100 and  finished 10 th place.
The Maltese shooters were assisted by Dr. Louis Deguara and Charlie Cauchi.

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