Athleta Basketball Club to play in Cyprus

Thursday, September 8, 2011, 10:19

Athleta Basketball Club, the current reigning champions, will be travelling to Cyprus on the 14th September 2011 where they will be playing two friendly games vs APOP PAPHOS and OLYMPOS AGLANTZIAS.

This tour will serve the players as a pre season preparation for their first game on the MBA fixture, the SUPER CUP, to be played on 2nd October 2011. Apop Paphos and Athleta Basketball Club will also be discussing the possibility of the twinning of both clubs pertaining to the development of their nurseries and youth teams.

The Sliema Club owe their successes of last season where they won no less that four trophies to the financial backing of the Directors of A to Z Electronics, namely Messrs. Marvin & Noel Sammut.

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