ASMK welcomes FIM- Europe Officers to Malta for trails event

Thursday, November 20, 2014, 14:54

On Sunday 23 November ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Motorcycles u Karozzi’ ASMK will hold the second Trials Event of the 2014-15 ASMK-Pasta Poiatti National Championship. This time the competition is to be organized in the quarry at Tal-Ballut at San Pawl tat-Targa. Race briefing starts at 9: 00am. Access to the site by spectators is from the bottom of t’Alla w’Ommu Hill. Entry is free.
Meanwhile, an overview of the classification of Trial shows that after the first activity held in Naxxar we see Damon Bonello on Gas Gas motorcycle with his first 20 points in Class A. Damon is followed by Gary Debono on Sherco motorcycle with 17 point and in third place we see Robert Caruana on Gas Gas with 15 points of class A.

The Class B list shows Joseph Scicluna leading on a motorcycle Gas Gas. He opened this classification with his first 20 points. Joseph is followed by Bernard Sammut on Beta with 17 point and in third place we find Manuel Camilleri Gas Gas with 15 points.

Meanwhile the Association during this week continued making progress on the organization of the 2015 ‘FIM Europe’ Annual General Conference to be held in Malta next July 2015. ASMK was awarded the organization of this conference to be held in Malta next year after long discussions abroad by ASMK led by President Frans Deguara and Johann Pace Secretary-General. This conference is to host FIM-Europe delegates from 47 European countries to discuss and approve decisions taken regards FIM-E management and other issues in the field of Motorcycle Sport, Safety, Touring and more for the year 2015/16. This Conference in July 2015 will also host the top executives of the World Motorcycling Federation FIM.


After much work has already been carried out by ASMK both locally and abroad we had the first visit in Malta by the senior officials of the European Federation FIM-E. Alessandro Sambuco Secretary General and Michal Sikora the Treasurer of ‘FIM –Europe’ together with ASMK President Frans Deguara and Secretary General Johann Pace discussed the project until now. Site visits included the place where the General Conference is to be held in 2015, a leading hotel in Floriana and another in Paceville to host the foreign officials. Details with regards to the logistics and preparations by ‘ASMK’ with regards to this great conference in Malta were also successfully finalized.


The FIM-E Officers expressed their satisfaction with the way ASMK is making the preparations for this conference and are very pleased that the Maltese hotels offer high level and have space large enough for a conference of this magnitude. The Officers of the FIM-E Federation left Malta on Tuesday afternoon while another delegation visit is expected in March 2015 to conclude the preparations of this Fim-Europe Annual Congress in Malta.

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