ASMK Shawn Buttigieg wins MOC Gold Award

Monday, December 22, 2014, 10:22

On Monday 8th December 2014 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi (ASMK) organized the fourth National Autocross event of the ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2014/15 Championship. Despite the storm on the eve of the race 27 competitors took part in the day’s program which began at 11: 00am.


The track condition in the first Heat made the competition more difficult than usual due to the slippery track surface. This condition favored those cars that have better grip on the wet track surface. With the beginning of the second Heat the track condition improved while on the third Heat the track returned to optimal conditions, the speed of the vehicles went higher and it was difficult to qualify for Final Class A and B.


The drivers who qualified for Final A were Christian Mark Galea on a Fiat Ritmo, Jason Martin and Vince Farrugia both on a Volkswagen Polo, Lucas Pace on Honda Civic, Philip Joe Vella on an Opel Corsa and Ivan Birmingham on Suzuki Swift.

In silence the finalists were waiting for the Start Light signal to be given. The vehicles raced right to the 1st corner but it was Vella to reach this point first and ahead of all the finalists. Vella was followed by Martin and Galea. Attention was drawn to the fourth and fifth places occupied by Pace and Farrugia who both began to add pressure on Martin. It was in the fourth lap when Martin entered a bend but faster than usual and consequent he went high on two wheels. This made is easier for Farrugia and Pace to advance ahead of Martin. After 9 Laps this Final A race ended with Vella registering his third consecutive win in four events this season. Vella was followed by Galea and Farrugia respectively. Pace and Martin finished in fourth and fifth places.


The qualifiers for Final B race were Gordon Johnson on Peugeot 205, Matthew Borg on a Vauxhall Nova, Noel Zammit on a Fiat Punto, Mario Tabone on his Opel Corsa, Godfrey Gauci on Ford Fiesta and Martin Godwin on his Opel Corsa.

As the race started Martin reached the 1st bend with Johnson very close behind. From the 2nd Lap Martin was followed by Johnson and Gauci who added extreme pressure on Martin. Martin played game on Johnson where no action was taken by the referee but it was Gauci who gained 2nd place. The alertness remained on the first three placings as far as Gauci increased pressure on Martin while Johnson continued charging on Gauci. As racing progressed and shortly after entering the 5th round Johnson went fast in one of the corners who ended over-turning his car on the track banking. Martin continued but now Zammit entered the scene Zammit who was followed by Gauci. As both approached the place of accident where Johnson’s car was still on track Zammit was overtaken by Gauci who ignored the Yellow Flag on site. Gauci was penalized for this and lost his placing to Zammit too as the race rules do not allow such deed. The Final ended with Martin as winner followed by Zammit and Gauci. Fourth and fifth places goes to Tabone and Johnson respectively.


Meanwhile, on Sunday 7th December the President Frans Deguara, the Vice President Johnny Micallef and Secretary General Johann Pace attended the thirteenth edition of the MOC Sports Awards on behalf of ASMK who earlier had nominated a total of five members from the Motocross, Enduro and Drag Racing sport for this MOC Award contest. In this edition Shawn Buttigieg was the competitor that stood out. Buttigieg is licensed by ASMK to compete in the FIM-Europe Super Street Bike in Drag Racing. His successes in winning races in several countries across Europe and the registering records in each Drag Racing track abroad including in Malta at Hal Far, Buttigieg was honored a Gold Award by MOC in this 13th Session of Awards. Though ASMK members won titles in the MOC Awards this was the first experience when an ASMK member was honored Gold. The Association takes this opportunity to thank the Maltese Olympic Committee for the excellent organization of these awards.


The commitments of the ASMK Association continue on Sunday 21 December 2014 when a Special Program will be held at Ta Qali in aid of l-ISTRINA. In the coming days it will be known whether there are enough participants to play the Demolition Derby. On Friday 12th December a meeting will be held at 8.00pm at the ASMK Club House at Mtarfa for all Demolition participants. This is also the last day that one can register for this race popular race with many Maltese.

Also, ASMK will be organizing rides in many Autocross cars which will be equipped with a second seat. A small donation for the rides along the race circuit is being asked in aid for Istrina.

More information is available at the official website

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