ASMK Riders to Ride the President’s Bike Ride

Saturday, October 25, 2014, 21:10

Last Sunday 19th October ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ organised a number of Championship events in different locations. The Autocross and Trials were races in the ASMK Pasta POIATTI 2014/15 Championships.


The main activity at Ta Qali Complex was for Autocross cars while the Trials held their competition at the Blokrete Ltd. Quarry in Naxxar. The Motocross Pre-Championship race was held in Nadur Gozo.


29 cars registered for the Autocross event at Ta Qali of which six competitors were from the island of Gozo.

Philip Joe Vella on Opel Nova won all the 3 Heats on the day thus he secured his place on the Class A Starting Grid. Other drivers who qualified in this class were Vince Farrugia on VW Polo, Christian Mark Galea on a Fiat Ritmo, Andrew Pisani and Josef Abela both on Opel Nova, Melo Zammit on his new Opel Corsa.

From the start of this final we saw Vella take the helm right to the end. Vella was followed by Pisani and Farrugia who defended their positions to the Finish Flag. Abela placed fourth followed by Galea who had to retire before the race finised.


The final Class B included Godwin Martin, Manuel Muscat and Matthew Borg all on Opel Corsa, Kieth Borg on his Opel Nova, Philip Grima on Ford Escort and Lucas Pace on Honda Civic. From the Start of this final we saw Martin take the helm of this close race who was followed by Muscat and Borg. They also repeated what happened earlier in the final of Class A. Borg and Grima were driving some distance back while Pace retired from the race.


A look to what happened in Gozo where 24 competitors took part in the pre-Season Race on the ASMK prepared and modified Motocross track. Usually, this pre-Championship race is held at the ASMK Sports Complex at Ta Qali. Classes consisted of Championship riders and another class for Beginners to Motocross.


Class A rider Paul Muscat on his KTM dominated this class, he won all the heats of the day and was declared winner overall winner. Muscat was followed by Clayton Camilleri in each of the Heats also on a 250cc KTM motorcycle to finish the day in second place. Edward Ciantar on a Kawasaki battled with Honda rider Trevor Muscat. His struggle for third place succeeded in the last Heat as Ciantar persisted to finish the last race ahead of Trevor Muscat.

In Class B the riders were divided into two groups where the best five of each group qualifies for the final ten riders. These were Godfrey Bigeni, Matthew Vella, Daniel and Kyle Camilleri, Keith Bugeja, Etienne and Joseph Bigeni, Charles Borg, Matthew Mercieca and Joseph Hili.


From the Start of this Final Race we the the Bigeni brothers take the first three positions at the helm of the race. Etienne on his Honda kept on the race front followed by Joseph on the Suzuki and Godfrey on another Honda. They remained in this position till the end which took the all Gozo Bigeni riders to the podium. Fourth place was won by Joseph Hili on his Honda while fifth place was won by Matthew Mercieca on his Kawasaki.

An Overview of the Trials in Naxxar where eleven riders took part in this non-speed competition where the competitor’s technique of Trials riding is battled among skilled and novice riders. Six (6) sections were specially prepared to demonstrate the skills of each competitor which are based on the riders ability over obstacles where penalty points are earned for making mistakes.


In Class A we saw Damon Bonello on Gas Gas motorcycle who dominated the rest on the day where he rode all sections with just 10 penalty points. He was followed by Gary Debono on Sherco motorcycle finishing with 36 penalty points. Third place was won by veteran Robert Caruana on Gas Gas who closed the day with 37 penalty point.

Class B saw several riders taking part for the first time. Joesph Scicluna on Gas Gas motorcycle dominated the class and finished with just 10 penalty points. Joseph was followed by Bernard Sammut on Beta who finished the day with 23 penalty points. Third place was won by Manuel Camilleri on a Gas Gas motorcycle who closed the day with 24 penalty points.


Also on Sunday an ASMK Enduro Team composed of Mathieu Salomon and Andrew Cassar both riding KTM’s were in Sicily on Sunday 19 October. They competed in a special Enduro race based on a Circuit where the competitors ride in pairs as a Team. Both bikes of Mathieu and Andrew have the same number and while one is riding on track the other competitor is in the paddock where he re-fuels and maintains his bike as well as have some rest. When the competing rider decides to return to the paddock, the other rider continues the racing. The Malta Team finished a very decent seventh place out of 17 teams on track which lasted five hours and was the first ever Enduro of its kind for the Malta riders.


Meanwhile the Association will continue its commitments as on Sunday 26 October, the ASMK Motocross and Enduro riders will be taking part in the 1st “President’s Bike Ride” for Motorcyclists. ASMK members are expected to ride from ASMK Sport Comples at Ta Qali to San Anton Gardens by 9.00am to join the road bikes in this Bike Ride. They will be escorted by traffic police to San Anton. This “President Bike Ride” is 62 kilometers long and ends at the ASMK Sports Complex at Ta ‘Qali. A special Motocross, Enduro and BMX show will take place after the Bike Ride.

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