ASMK Pasta Poiatti National Championships

Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 9:27

On Sunday 6th October ASMK will launch the National Championships organised at Ta’ Qali.

Thanks to Mssrs. Buhagiar Pasta Poiatti will be sponsoring the ASMK Championships. Autocross will be launching the first races of the new season while those for the Motocross the Trials and Enduro races will follow in the next Weekends.

 Though most of the drivers had their summer break most of the ASMK Administration Officers were working hard in racetracks preparation and drafting new regulations among many other issues. In the Autocross the rules for the Modified Class have been updated and allowing Elec. Fuel Injection to be used. ASMK through the Technical Advisor has drafted two new other classes mainly for Standard cars and another for car with Multi-Valve + Fuel Injected engines too which also produce less emissions though in sport. The introduction of the new classes was not an easy task but it looks as if the new regulations are going to be fruitful for ASMK and the sport. 

 Next Sunday the ASMK Race tracks doors open again to host the Autocross racers. This day will be remembered in the Association’s history books. First races start at noon but at 13.45 hours, His Excellency Dr. George Abela will be visiting ASMK Officers and members at the Race Tracks. This will be His first visit to the site when he will be presented with a donation in favour of the Malta Community Chest Fund collected during the Special Event held on the last Sunday before Christmas of each year when ASMK organises the popular Car Demolition. The ASMK officers and members have met His Excellency on a number of visits at the Palace in San Anton.

 Also, on Sunday 29th Sept. Andrew Cassar and Nicolai Abela towed their Enduro Motorcycles (thanks to Virtu Ferries) all the way to the Province of Ragusa where The Italian Federation for Motorcycling FMI organised the 3rdEnduro event of the Interprovincial Championship. The two riders had some time of training on the Saturday in preparation for the tough Sunday Race rides. Andrew and Nic had to ride over for 5 hours over steep narrow paths, rock surfaces and all natural obstacles one can imagine. Apart from these obstacles Andrew and Nic had to maintain their Enduro racers and re-fuel in stages all by themselves. Yet their efforts were rewarded at the race finish. Andrew Cassar and Nicolai Abela received their winning trophies on the podium for 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the 450cc class.

 The Association is now very busy in the preparation for the Trials competitions of the 13th  Oct. and the 1st Moto-Enduro of the season which will take place on the 20th Oct. Both events will be held at the ASMK race circuits at Ta’ Qali while following events will be held outdoors when all the necessary permits will be granted.

 ASMK would like to publicly thank KMS Ex-Chairman Mr. Jonathan Barbara who despite his short term in office has made impact on the sport as other previous personnel who also occupied the same post.

 Official Training sessions at the Racetrack will be held next Saturday from 2.00pm to 5.00pm. During this time Autocross cars will be scrutinised for safety and conformity with ASMK rules.

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