ASMK Launch Motorcross Championship – Enduro Podium in Sicily

Thursday, November 7, 2013, 11:26
Paul Muscat fuq KTM

Paul Muscat fuq KTM

On Sunday 10th November ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ will be launching the Motocross ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2013/14. Last Motocross events organised was a fun-race. Two classes will be available. Experienced riders will compete in Class A while beginners and less experienced will compete in Class B. Riders under 16 years will compete in the Junior class up to 125cc. On Sunday the Autocross will be performing their 3rd event of the Championship. Racing starts at 11.00am


Next Sunday the Day’s Program of events starts at 10.00am when Holy Mass is said by ASMK Chaplin on site at Ta Qali race circuits. This special day where Mass is said for the repose of souls of deceased ex-members, ex-competitors and others including late ex-MX Champion Darren Dimech on his 9th anniversary is now familiar with ASMK members. Friends and relatives are invited to attend.


On Sunday 27th October Andrew Cassar and Nicolai Abela set sail to Sicily to compete in the ‘Enduro Interprovinciale Motorcycle race organized by Federazione Motociclistica Italiana (FMI). This event based on two sections of about 75 minutes each was held betweenRagusa and Marina di Ragusa on the toughest routes one can imagine. Gozo Rider John Attard competed on the same course but in the UISP Championship.


Following the registration and scrutineering of men and machines Andrew and Nic started the race at around noon. The first 5km of route was laid down on rocky roads of all kinds with boulders and all obstacles one can imagine. This was difficult to both our drivers following the Saturday’s training and testing in ambient temperatures of 26 degrees when both riders had to keep themselves well hydrated during racing.


The Cross section though marked with tape was laid on flat land with a never-ending number of hairpins and at least less loose rocks on the surface which made braking and exit more predictable.


The Enduro section was largely laid on narrow rocky corridors between high stone walls filled with boulders and obstacles such as ramps, trees and bushes in the way. Cassar was injured in this section on the 3rd stage when his hand hit the wall edge while trying to avoid one of the larger branches. Abela also found out that his rear axle nut and spacer had loosened and fallen off on the final stage just before this Enduro test section bur besides all this both riders decided to push on to race finish despite the injury and mechanical issues encountered by both riders.

The fact that the Maltese riders had to again take care of the pit-stop bike maintenance and refuel and their own hydration/nutrition issues themselves put an added strain on the limited time available of about 10-15 minutes in the paddock for each stage. The Sicilians come well prepared to these races with their Enduro Club offering paddock facilities/shade/mechanics and support.

Despite all this all went well and both Maltese riders finished well within the stipulated times with no penalty points whatsoever. Podium places were achieved with a 2nd (Cassar) and 3rd (Abela) in their respective class.


The FMI Officials were even kind enough to award their class first in the Official Presentation so they could get back for the ferry in time. Riders would like to thank the ASMK (especially Frans Deguara) and Virtu Ferries for all their support with this first FMI Championship.


In the Autocross Championship following two races the present standings are:- Christian Galea on a Fiat Ritmo has 13 points, Patrick Cassar on an Opel Corsa has 9 points and Gordon Johnson on his Peugeot 205 has 6 points. In Class B, Andrew Pisani is leading ahead of Josef Grech on a Fiesta and Melo Zammit on his Escort 3. The Gozo Autocross Class is led by Domenic Zammit on an Alfa Sud ahead of Joseph Agius u Joseph Vella both on Fiesta cars.


In the National Autocross Class we find Christian Galea on his Fiat Ritmo with 45 points. Gordon Johnson has 38 points followed by Matthew Borg with 30 points on his Opel Nova.

ASMK would like to inform that Saturday afternoons will be allocated for official testing of the Autocross and Motocross vehicles between 2.00pm and 5.00pm More details at

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