ASMK Autocross to be launched on Sunday

Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 8:26

Next Sunday the Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi will launch the first race event of the ASMK – Pasta Poiatti Championship 2018/2019. By this time the Association will be making the third attempt to open this National Autocross Car Championship where rain and storms that happened almost every weekend made it impossible to hold these races. This first Autocross race on Sunday starts at 12: 00pm at the ASMK Ta’ Qali Sports Complex.

Last Sunday ASMK organized the second event of the Honda Motocross National Championship 2018/2019, though the night storm and rain downpour on the eve of the event made the riders to waste more energy than usual due to the mud and water in the track and this was a protagonist during race day long.

For this event 19 competitors were registered but 17 competitors made it to the Start-Line who were divided into Class A, B and the Veterans Class.

For some riders the track conditions made them use more personal energy than usual but they were also qualified for the race.

In Class A Kyle Camilleri on his KTM motorcycle dominated the Qualification Runs, followed by Mark Mamo on a Yamaha motorcycle. Camilleri and Mamo continued to dominate in both heats of the day, where Mamo won the first official heat and Camilleri won the second Official Heat. Following the two race heats Kyle Camilleri won the Podium followed by Mark Mamo.

In Class B Daniel Caruana on a Honda Motorcycle dominated the Qualification Runs while Krist Falzon on Husqvarna motorcycle followed close. During the two Official Race Heats Caruana and Jorn Stellini on a KTM motorcycle dominated the first Heat while Falzon and Gary Debono on a KTM motorcycle followed the two leaders. During the second Heat the situation has changed where Debono took the race lead of this Heat and he was followed by Caruana and Falzon. Caruana won this class followed by Debono, Falzon and Stellini.

In the Veterans Class Carmelo Borg riding on a Honda was the overall fastest of the day though the Veteran riders competed with Class A due to the lower number of Veteran riders on the day. During the amalgamated Class A and Veterans Two Heats Borg took the lead and held this position to the Finish in both races. He was also seen making wheelies during both Heats. Borg was always followed in the Two Heats by Jethro Sant on a Yamaha motorcycle.

In these last days the Association held a meeting for the Car Demolition drivers and closed the registration of the 25th edition of the Demolition Derby in 2018. This Special Annual Event is held in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. For this edition there will be 30 participating competitors. Everything is ready for the Sunday 23rd December at 3.00pm when the Demolition takes place with the Logo  Iħabbtuhom ghal-Istrina 2018.

More information log on or find the Facebook page named Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi. One can also make contact by email and/or Mobile 9942 5489.

Photos by Mario Micallef

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