ASMK autocross season launched on Sunday

Wednesday, October 31, 2018, 7:53

Next Sunday Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi launches the first event of the Autocross National Championship 2018/2019, sponsored by Pasta Poiatti. All the cars’ activities will be run at the ASMK Sports Complex in Ta’ Qali. The first race starts at noon.

Currently the finishing touches are being carried out on the Autocross tracks which are needed year after year following the maintenance tasks taken in recent months. The project required on the track includes a number of interventions mainly re-building the tyres barrier along the one kilometer and a half long course as an important safety measure for the competitors while in action. The spectators areas are also revitalized thus enriching the view of the whole complex. In addition, the work done on the track included re-construction of alternative routes so cars can be raced in two directions from the start of this championship.

Meanwhile on Sunday 28th October the 2018/2019 National Trials Championship was launched at the quarry in Fawwara limits of Siggiewi. The Association wish to thank Barbros Ltd. for allowing us to organize these types of Trials events on their property.

During the first activity we have seen a situation where in Class A, Rowen Bonello on a Beta and Antonio Leonardi on a Gas Gas motorcycle made a very good start ahead of Damon Bonello on a TRS bike. The situation in this class changed after the second section of events where Damon managed to make Clean passes in number three, four and fifth sections and  changed the final classification. Damon Bonello won this first event with only 16 penalty points on his new bike. Leonardi is placed 2nd with 21 points while Rowen Bonello placed third with 31 points of penalty.

Class B where competitors from the Maltese Academy for Trials compete we saw a good start by Julian Scicluna on OSET motor and Issac Scicluna on a Gas Gas. These two riders remained in tie during the first four sections until Julian lost some points in the last two sections. Thus, Issac won the class followed by Julian an Dion Micallef placed third on a Beta.

The next Trials activity is to take place on Sunday 18th November 2018 at the Quarry of Naxxar and starting at 9.00am. This is open to non members too.

Meanwhile on Sunday 21st October ASMK opened the Honda Motocross Championship 2018/2019. This event was organized as a pre-championship Fun Race. Following the day’s event Class A was won by Paul Muscat on a Yamaha motorcycle followed by Trevor Muscat on a Husqvarna and Kyle Camilleri on a KTM motorcycle.

In Class B we saw Daniel Caruana winning this class on a Honda and was followed by Jorn Stellini on a KTM motorcycle and Gary Debono on a KTM motorcycle. In the Veterans Class it was Carmelo Borg winning this class on a Honda. Borg was followed by Sant brothers Jetro winning second place on his Yamaha followed by brother William on a Honda motorcycle.

Other Motocross Motorcycles event is to take place on Sunday 25th November 2018 at the ASMK Qali Sport Complex and the activities starts at 10:00 am.

For more information visit or find Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi on Facebook.

Photos by Mario Micallef

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