ASMK Autocross in Sannat for ARKA Foundation

Friday, September 19, 2014, 10:00

On Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st September respectively, ‘ASSOCJAZZJONI SPORT MUTURI u KAROZZI’ (ASMK) together with the Autocross drivers will be present at Sannat to participate in the 2nd Event of the ASMK Summer schedule. This event which is sponsored by ASMK and Pasta Poiatti is being held in Gozo to raise funds for ARKA Foundation to keep contributing to their residents and to allow Gozo citizens explore Autocross motorsport in their own home land.


A temporary Autocross track is being built by some ASMK Officers in a field in Sannat Road, Sannat. The area which is large enough for this purpose is made available through its owner in between the seasons for the land to be prepared for newer seasonal crops.

Minister Refalo MP for Gozo is supporting this special ASMK event for ARKA Foundation together with the Local Councils for Sannat, Victoria and Xewkija. Gozo Police are also cooperative together with family Apap and many other Gozo contributors for making this event possible and a success.


The Practice sessions for all Maltese and Gozo drivers will be held on Saturday afternoon while real racing is scheduled to start early on Sunday morning until late in the afternoon. All competitors and spectators are expected to hand a donation for ARKA Foundation. The Presentation of trophies by distinctive persons will be held on site to conclude the event. While ASMK is using its own and other special heavy equipment we are taking this opportunity to refurbish the Nadur Motocross Track.


On Saturday 6th September a group of ASMK Officers, executives and some drivers too offered a whole day’s voluntary work at ‘Dar tal-Providenza’ in Siggiewi. Much manual work consisted of cleaning large areas within the site fields and recreational areas by the use of the ASMK Excavator and Dumper machines. Other work included the maintenance of one of the ponds in the gardens while another group were painting and decorating residential halls and corridors within the main building.


While the special events were held locally by ASMK members Shawn Buttigieg and Luke Farrugia were racing their SuperStreet Bikes in Santa Pod in UK. They were racing in the FIM-Europe SSB Championship Cup among over 30 European competitors. Though Shawn was racing his first ever Championship abroad he is so keen and finish an honourable in 3rd place overall. His bike is also a member of the Maltese Kalanc Drag Racing Team who also won the FIA European Championship in TMD ahead of another Maltese Mr Whippy Team.


In the coming days another three (3) ASMK Motocross riders will be competing in the 5th Round of the ‘FMI Regional Championship in Sicily’. All three riders have already won high placings in their respective Championship classes abroad. Besides the travelling expences incurred these riders are well prepared physically as well as their racing machines. More local and abroad events will be challenged in the near future by ASMK Licensed riders in European Championships.


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