ASMK Autocross at Ta Qali and MX in Sicily

Wednesday, April 17, 2013, 17:00

The Autocross ASMK Pasta Poiatti Championships are being held at the ASMK Racing Circuits at Ta Qali and the first races start at noon.


On the same day two riders from the same Association will be competing in the FMI Motocross Regional Championship. This MX2 race in which large numbers of competitors participate is going to be held at the MX Mancusa track which is located at Francavilla di Sicilia province of Messina in Sicily. Clayton Camilleri and Paul Muscat will be riding KTM 250cc motorcycles in MX2 during their first race event of the 2013 MX season. Apart from the usual assistance from ‘Virtu Ferries’ these riders will also be receiving further assistance both from our Association ASMK and from Kunsill Malti ghall-isport (KMS). Such needed assistance is greatly appreciated especially by our competitors as it will relieve some of the costs incurred for travelling for a race and more and encourage our riders to participate in a greater number of the Championship events.


With reference to the Autocross Championship Patrick Cassar on an Opel Nova is leading the points scale with 60 points won in the first 10 events. Cassar is closely followed by Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat Ritmo with 54 points. Yet though the battle for the championship is between these two drivers, the challenge for 3rd place is also battled between Manuel Muscat on an Opel Nova, Vince Farrugia on a VW Polo and Melo Zammit on an Escort Mk 3.



Class B leader Malcolm Borg on a Corsa B has 35 points and has 11 points ahead of Mario Scicluna on an another Opel with 24 points. Yet Guzi Pace on his old faithful Escort Mk 1 is 3rd overall with 19 points. With 5 more events to go all is uncertain who is going to win the ASMK National Championships.



It is important to note that a delegation of ASMK has already held a first meeting with Parl. Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport Dr Stefan Buontempo MP at his office. The delegation composed of ASMK President Frans Deguara, Vice-President John Micallef, Secretary General Johann Pace and Assistant Secretary Francis Azzopardi.

During the meeting the delegation discussed issues of utmost importance to both prties together with regards to the future of the Association, the Race Tracks relocation project, the difficulties encountered by the Gozo competitors who travel to Malta and back for almost each and every race and the problems with regards to the competitors who have to travel to Sicily and southern Italy to compete in the Motocross FMI Championships. Both parties seem to have already reached some forms of compromise. Dr Buontempo agreed to hold more such meetings in the near future.


ASMK would like to inform the general public that the race which was cancelled due to bad weather on the 7th April is going to be held on Wednesday 1st May (a public holiday). The Motocross races start at 10.00am and the cars races start at noon.


The next Trials competition on 5th May is planned to be held outside the ASMK Ta Qali premises. More details to be published soon.


Official Practice sessions for the Autocross and Motocross riders will be held this Saturday 20th April as from 2.00pm. The Trials Nursery sessions start at 3.00pm

More information can be found in the Official website


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