ASM trials bikers back after 9 years

Wednesday, November 2, 2011, 11:54

After about 9 years away from the sport, Trials bikers are back at the ASM Race Tracks at Ta Qali. A new Trials Nursery was established some months ago with full support from the ASM Committee. Training and tuition held every Saturday from 3.00pm has attracted quite a number of youths to practice this sport. John Bonello is coaching the class. John is a Trials veteran, an ex-Trials Champion with vast local and foreign experience. His brother Eddie helps too and controls the competitions. ASM is finalizing negotiations to bring over Technical Coaches for the Trials and Motocross riders too. FMI and UEM will provide the Technicians for the Maltese riders.

Following a number of hours of tuition in Trials, last Sunday 30th October, ASM has organized the first Competition at the ASM premises in Ta Qali. Fourteen (14) competitors registered for this competition which consists of 6 sections in different locations within the ASM premises. Trials biking are not a speed event but it’s an art for overcoming a number of natural or man-made obstacles. Penalty points are given to the rider for lowering a foot or both over the obstacles on track. The rider has to concentrate hard and find his way though to make a clean pass, thus earning zero penalty points. The Motorcycles are specially made for this type of sport. They are very lightweight, very powerful, drive at slower speeds yet are capable to climb almost impossible obstacles. This sport can be watched by spectators at close range as most of the time the rider is balancing on a stationary bike and concentrating to overcome the obstacle ahead.

The 14 riders were divided into Group B for Novices and Group A for the experienced riders. Class ‘A’ was won by veteran Robert Caruana of great Trials experience. Yet he lost 17 point during the 6 Sections on the day. Young promising Nick Farrugia on a Montesa placed 2nd with 20 points. Third place was won by Carmel Borg on his Sherco with 20 penalty points during the 18 Lap sections.

David Dimech on a Beta Trials bike won his Class B with 17 points. 2nd place was won by Wayne Zahra on his GasGas with 21 points. New comer Emanuel Camilleri on a Sherco placed 3rd in Class B with 25 points. Class B was very competitive as one can note that only ten points separate the winner from the last competitor in this class.

During Next Sunday’s 6th November program Holy Mass is said at the Race Circuits at 10.30am. This will be said in remembrance and for the repose of souls especially for deceased ASM members. The day’s program starts immediately afterwards and it includes races for Autocross and for the Motocross bikers in classes A, B and the Junior Class too.

With reference to the Championship chart, Patrick Cassar on his Opel is leading the Class A. Runner-up is Christian Galea on his Fiat Ritmo and Melo Zammit on a Ford Escort. The B Class leader is Carmelo Zammit sharing same points as Joseph Calleja. Third place is also shared between Philip Joe Vella and Matthew Grech.

Clayton Camilleri is leading the Motocross Class A on his KTM, David Dimech is 2nd on his Kawasaki and Carmel Borg is third on his Suzuki RM. Class B leader is Charles Borg with Turu Micallef in 2nd place and Renato Mizzi is 3rd overall. All the 3 leaders in Class B ride Honda CRF bikes.

Pre-race Training sessions take place this Saturday between 10.00am and 4.00pm. The Trials Nursery class starts at 3.00pm. Sunday’s program starts at 10.30am.

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