ASM Motocross in Cosenza & Minimoto in Vittoria

Wednesday, May 9, 2012, 13:49

On Tuesday 1st May the ASM Motocross Team and President Frans Deguara drove all the way to Belsito province of Cosenza to compete in the 3rd FMI Motocross Championship event for Sicilian and Calabrian riders. These are high level races on Italian soil with the participation of the best riders of Calabria, Sicily and now including Malta. The tracks selected are of high FMI Standards, are approved by FMI and the races are managed by experienced FMI officials.

Clayton Camilleri on his KTM, Stefan Dimech and Josef Attard both on Honda CRX’s entered the ‘MX2-Over 21’ class with 19 starters. Darren Mizzi (on KTM) competed in the ‘New Promo Under 17’ among 29 starters. The team drove all the way to Belsito valley to Jazza Motocross Circuit. After a 7 hours drive the motorcycles were unloaded on Italian soil when the Maltese riders started getting familiar with the new track. This track is mainly built on both side sides of a high hill, is 1450 meters long with ample width to accommodate 30 starters abreast on the start grid.

Practice sessions were organised, alternating every 30 minutes for both the bigger bikers and the Junior classes who all also compete on the same one track but for different time durations. It was of utmost importance for our riders to attain their endurance duration of about 21 minutes of Motocross punishment on the track. They were very well prepared for this type of endurance. During practice our riders got familiar with the new track and got hold of its tricks too. Here we met many Motocross riders whom we have competed with both in Gioia Tauro and in Agrigento tracks. Some of the very best Sicilian and Calabria riders decided to compete in the lower engine 250cc capacity thus offered a greater challenge to our riders.

No practice was permitted on the eve of the race as the track needed lots of maintenance on every inch of track surface. It was damaged by the heavy practice sessions carried by 122 registered riders. On this day, we serviced and adjusted the motorcycles for race day punishment.

We discussed together the race management, the adjustments required on the bikes and the way various curves and berms had to be taken. It was decided that a Good Start from the start gate played a good part to take the lead as the track narrowed badly after about 200 meters then it widens again.

On Raceday, Dott Mamola (President FMI Calabria) made the opening speech to all present and also introduced the Maltese Team to the large spectator crowds. All were welcomed.

The day started with the Junior classes up to the bigger ones. Our Class – MX2 over 21 is a very popular class with the spectators and is always heavily populated with great riders from  Sicily and from Calabria like Carbone, Di Bari, Gennaro and other great riders who also run their own Motocross schools.

Both Clayton and Stefan had a very good start and soon the riders were almost separated into two groups. We were very happy though our riders placed 6th and 7thplace in the first timed run due to the heavily crowded track especially in the very first few laps. We decided about some changes to plans, discussed and agreed with our riders and all was set up for the 2nd timed run. It was no joke competing with 19 riders most of them of great fame on the gate. In the first bottleneck part of the track Clayton managed to be the 5th rider to the first curve but after each rider had to pull out all from their engines, stability and tactics involved up and down the steep hilly tracks and along the flat tracks with numerous ramps. The latter did not bother any of our riders and they jumped these as professionals do. It was great to see Clayton in 4th place while Stefan held 6th position and Josef in 9th. Clayton took advantage of every single inch of the track in all areas and performed excellent all the way. This time, Carbone was closing the gap by a few meters on each lap but Clayton was riding in perfect style in 4th place right to the Finish Flag. It was great joy and a big battle won for us all.

Darren Mizzi who competed in ‘New Promo’ class found himself half way through the crowd in the bottle-neck area just past the start of the 29 riders. Though his driving is good there are still some points for him to overcome where he can save valuable seconds on the track. Darren finished 5th in class and hopes to do better next time in Noto.

On Sunday 13th May the ASM Motocross team of 5 riders will be competing again in Noto when the 4th Round of the Sicily Regional Championship event is held on the FIA approved Gino Meli Motocross track. Clayton Camilleri and Paul Muscat will be riding KTM bikes while Stefan Dimech and Josef Attard will be riding on Honda in the ‘MX2-Over 21’ class. Darren Mizzi will be riding on KTM in the New Promo Class. Many competitors from Calabria and Sicily will be riding in Noto Gino Meli track. 110 riders are already registered for this event.

On Sunday 29th April the Maltese Minimoto team of three young riders were also in competition at Sole Luna Track in Victoria. Glenn Schembri, Dylan Cauchi and Ryan Faenza gave all an excellent riding show. During the two days of training all bikes were set to optimum standards by team mechanic Frans Schembri. During practice, Dylan won Pole with best lap of 36.549 secs. Glenn was second with 36.865 seconds while Faenza placed 6th.

Qualifying was held in the morning but the races were held in the afternoon. Though Dylan and Glenn started from the best positions they lost some places and after some laps they almost recovered all their places. Soon a battle for the laed developed between Glenn, Dylan and Sicilian Danilo Sapienza. After breath taking close laps Glenn finished in 2nd place and Dylan in 3rd while Ryan Faenza was battling for 4th place with Dario Beritella who won 4th place and Ryan in 5th.

In another Class Jethro Sant finished in 5th place among the older riders.

All Minimoto Maltese riders are holders of an FMI Competition Licence through the intervention of ASM-Malta who  also represents UEM FIM and FMI in all Maltese motorcycle racing of all types. These riders are looking forward to challenge high places in the FMI Sicily Regional Championship. They are greatly supported by Frans Schembri who happens to do all the tuning and modifications to his Minimoto team competing in Sicily. They have already won Podium Finish in the two FMI events entered.


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