ASM In UEM Congress in Belgrade

Monday, July 9, 2012, 15:55


ASM officers Frans Deguara President and Johann Pace attended the ‘European Union for Motorcycling’ UEM Congress which was held in Belgrade – Serbia between the 28th June and 1st July 2012.


This was the first time that Malta was represented in a UEM Congress which was made possible through support from Kunsill Malti ghall-isport – KMS. Discussions were held in various motorcycling subject encountered by the European member federations who organise sporting and non-sporting events including tourism, vintage, safety in all circumstances and other relevant topics. 47 countries were represented in various workshops and decisions were taken for the future of the sport. It was clear understood that some problems are common in all countries.We attended mainly attended the sittings regarding Motocross in Europe and M.Cycle Track racing chaired by Mr Farm and Mr Frank respectively.


ASM officers had also prepared to have discussions with the UEM experts in this field. Discussions were held with Engineer A. Leonzo and Peter Hansen both responsible for track specifications and homologations to European and International standards. Other meetings were also prepared with one particular company whose products are recommended and used in many UEM events for its versatility and accuracy. This company provides Timing equipment not only for all UEM Motorcycle sport but also produces systems that can be used in Cars and Karts events too.Saturday in Belgrade was a very busy day as the official Congress commenced early in the afternoon. About 270 officers from 47 countries were present. Each country’s federation representative including ASM-Malta had the voting rights during the meeting. The financial 2011 report together with the 2012 budget were discussed and approved. The possibility to change the UEM name as proposed by FIM was also discussed and is to be decided in  another meeting to be held in Monaco on 1st December 2012. Its very important that ASM will be present again. This Congress gave all the chance to discuss and exchange views and future plans with Officers of neighbouring and far countries including reps from Qatar, Romania, Germany, Great Britain, Israel and many more.


ASM Officers proposed to hold in Malta the 2015 edition of the UEM Congress. This proposal was welcomed and is to be brought before the Assembly for voting next December. Its great to hold this Congress in Malta said UEM President Dot. Mazzi and Alessandro Sambuco UEM’s Secretary General.Later in the evening UEM held the Gala Dinner for distinguished guests and UEM Federations reps. Present also were the FIM president, UEM President Dott. V. Mazzi and Dott. A. Zerbi ex-UEM President amongst other distinguished guests.


Other meetings were held for the UEM FMN’s Secretaries and for a Road Safety meeting. The UEM’s  IT Dept. launched new projects for 2013. Amongst other items all administration documents for FMN’s and riders will be available online and a common events planning system for all member countries is to be introduced in Sweden in the next few days when communication between all federation members will be greatly improved.Another intelligent system named ‘Rescue’ will be available to both riders when in training and riders on the road.  This will be installed in the personal iphone which automatically calls for help if the rider is involved in an accident. A demonstration followed the introduction of the system. Other innovative system are to be introduced to add safety to motorcycle riders in competition and while on the road.


UEM President Dot. V. Mazzi and Secretary Alessandro Sambuco amongst others thanked ASM-Malta officers for their presence and their contribution towards this Congress as Malta can be the right link with other Mediterranean and North African countries in motorcycle sport and road safety awareness.

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