ASM in Siracusa UEM General Council

Friday, April 13, 2012, 16:29

On Saturday 11th March an ASM delegation attended the European Union for Motorcycling (UEM) General Council held in ‘Palazzo La Roma’ in the old city centre of Siracusa. The ASM Representatives were President Mr. Frans Deguara, Vice-President Mr John Micallef and the Secretary General Mr Johann Pace.

During this meeting ASM discussed several issues, mainly the participation of all kinds of local Motorcycle Sport and participation abroad. It is now resolved that though all Maltese who would like to participate in any Italian Motorcycle Championships should be in possession of a special Competition Licence all Licences issued through ASM are now supported by an insurance policy which is valid during all FMI approved /organised races and Championship events. This also applies to Young riders under 18 years of age to compete in their respective classes of motorcycling but under special rules. This applies to all motorcycle racing sport.

ASM also discussed the possibility to introduce an International Mediterranean Championship for Motocross in 2013. This has been favourably accepted by the council and work is in progress.

Other issues regarding Motorcycle sport were discussed with the highest UEM authorities, with UEM President Dott. Vincenzo Mazzi. Vice-President and former UK ACU President Ted Bartlett and with UEM Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco who also specialises in Motorcycle health and safety issues at a high level. The ASM delegation had the opportunity to discuss matters with other FMN Officials from various Federations.

Later on the day the Maltese delegation were invited to attend the Press conference organised by the Siracusa Automobile Club when the new ‘Autodromo Siracusa’ was launched to the press. This new race track will be inaugurated by the end of this year and it can handle both car and motorcycle races. It has included circuits of 2300m, of 2700m but the main circuit is 5334meters long. This is being built to the highest present standards and is also approved by UEM-FIM. This project was introduced to the media by the Siracusa Auto Club President. The Engineer in charge described the plans exhibited. Town Mayor and Dott. Mazzi expressed their views with regards to the new track’s future. Special Guest during the Press Conference was former world famous Moto GP rider Francesco Chili. He had words of praise for the project and said that he is lucky to be appointed as one of the first riders to ride on the new track. We were lucky too to have some time in the company of this great ace rider after the conference was over.

The President of the Siracusa new circuit invited the Maltese motorsport drivers and riders in particular to make use of the new circuit as it is of high safety standards and very near to Malta too.

The Maltese delegation was accompanied by Cav. Franco Bucchieri of Ragusa Touring Club. We finalised details for this year’s 5th Moto-Raduno in Malta between the 14th to 16th August when a large group of selected bikers with Cultural interests tour our Islands. Maltese Bikers are invited to join the group while in Malta and are invited to travel all the way to Ragusa where the Final Ceremony is held for hundreds of touring bikers from all over Europe.

We also found some time to visit the ‘Gino Meli’ Motocross track in Noto and were welcome by Domenico Meli who is the owner and administrator of this UEM, FMI and UISP approved Motocross track. Hopefully, our ASM motocross riders will be soon racing in Noto in two highly competitive classes, those of ‘under and over 21’ years MX2 classes in the ‘Regional’ and ‘Trofy’ Championships.

Locally, ASM is organising another Autocross and Motocross Championship race event sponsored by Pasta Poiatti held on Sunday 15th April. First race at 11.00am



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