ASM donate €2100 to Malta Community Chest Fund through Motorsport

Wednesday, December 21, 2011, 16:56

On Sunday 18th December ASM organised the 18th special event to raise funds through motorsport in favour of the iStina – Malta Community Chest Fund. The days programm included the Autocross National Championship races, exhibitions by the Trials bikers, the Motocross riders performed exhibition runs on Vintage Motocross bikes and a Car Demolition Derby race. Racing commenced at 10.00am to about 5.15pm.

Onor Clyde Puli M.P. – parl. Sec. for Youths and the Sport and Onor. Chris Agius – Shadow Minister P.L. also attended and delivered messages of appreciation to the ASM Administration’s performance, to the members and spectators present. Both MP’s were presented with mementos by ASM President Mr. Frans Deguara.

Autocross veteran Patrick Cassar won all 3 qualifying Heats of the day and also the ASM-Pasta Poiatti Championship Final Race. Christian Galea took the lead ahead of Cassar who offered great pressure on Galea during four of the nine laps race. Galea accidentally hit a tyre barrier and was forced to retire thus Cassar secured first place to the Finish Flag. Cassar was followed by Emanuel Muscat (Opel No.1) and Melo Zammit’s Ford Escort.

Brothers Matthew and Malcolm Borg of Cisku Racing Team took the lead from start to finish. They were followed by James Buttigieg on a Mk.2 Ford Fiesta while others were following through the nine Laps race.

The Class A Motocross was won by Clayton Camilleri on a KTM 250cc. Brothers Chris and Paul Muscat also on KTM motorcycles won 2nd and 3rd place resp. In Class B, young Gozitan Joseph Bigeni on a Yamaha won over Lee Cortis on a Kawasaki and over Neille Bonavia on a Suzuki.

A Special race displayed a number of Vintage M.Cycles dating some 20 year’s back to the early years of Motocross. M.bikes suchas Yamaha DT’s, Honda CR’s Cagiva and Suzuki RM’s were used for the special demonstration races rather than a competition. Riders such as David Dimech, Clayton Camilleri, James Gatt, Josmar Mizzi, Macdess Grech, Stefan Dimech, Turu Micallef and Carmelo Borg were riding these Vintage Bikes of Yesteryear.

During the day’s long programm the Trials Bikers also displayed their skills in M.cycle control and riding over man prepared obstacles. Trials is not a speed race and the rider with the least penalty points will be declared a winner. Trials is spectacular to watch by young and old spectaotrs.

As time passed by, attention was drawn to the paddock where the coloured Demolition cars were parked. At 3.30pm, all cars proceeded to the wet oval track. At the sign of the Start all performed two parade runs along the over-wet oval track and they started banging each other at the sign of the Green Light. The cars were scrupulously inspected by trained ASM personnel for conformity with the strict safety and game rules. It took about 90 minutes of car banging to bring the last two cars competing against each other while all were watched over for fair play. Larkin Butler on a Datsun 2000 was battling for his car’s survival against the Lada Estate car of Silvan Baldacchino. After minutes of light banging, Larkink’s car came to a halt and he was declared Runner-up to Silvan Baldacchino who won this years Car Demolition Race in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund. Next Car Demolition for Small Cars is scheduled for Easter time.

ASM Administration sends their best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and the New Year to all members and supporters. Next events are scheduled for the 8th of January 2012.


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