ASM Championship Races on Sunday at Ta Qali

Thursday, November 17, 2011, 8:53

On Sunday 20th November ASM will be organizing the 4th ASM-Poiatti Autocross Championship event. First Start is scheduled at 13.00 hours. During this event the cars will be driven in an anti-clockwise direction demonstrating action and exciting driving.

Holy Mass was said during the last event held on the 6th of November. Mass is said in November at the ASM Race Circuits for the repose of souls of ASM deceased ex-members. All members attended this ceremony. Racing commenced soon after with warm-up Laps for the Motocross bikers.

In the Autocross races, Patrick Cassar won all the three qualifying heats. In the Class A final he was second to Christian Galea on a Fiat . Both Galea and Cassar demonstrated exciting high level driving techniques. Galea held his lead to the race finish while Cassar followed close by although he lost a rear wheel and his engine run on three out of four cylinders. Following Cassar and Galea, Muscat was battling to beat Joseph Calleja for 3rd place but Calleja crossed the finish line a few meters ahead of Muscat.

Mario Scicluna on an Opel took the lead In Class B. he was closely followed by Joseph Abela and Philip Vella both on Opel cars. Ryan Scerri and Matthew Borg followed the rest. Yet it was clear that Borg was fast and precise in his driving tactics that soon he took the lead of the rest and won the 9 lap Class B final race while Scicluna and Abela followed in 2nd and 3rd place.

The Class A Motocross heats were much battled. They are at par with European ‘MX2-250cc over 21’ category. In Heat 1 Carmel Borg on his Suzuki RMX battled with ex-champion Clayton Camilleri on a KTM SXF and Borg won the race. Yet Borg had to battle again with the current championship holder Stefan Dimech on his Honda CRF who won heat No.2. Borg determined to win the day’s event made a very good start and again he battled at times shoulder to shoulder with Camilleri and with Dimech too. Unfortunately, Camilleri had to slow his pace with Borg winning heat 3 and Dimech followed in 2nd place. Camilleri placed 3rd overall in the 13 minutes and 9 lap’s race.

In Class B, Brandon Slowe won 2 of the 3 heats and place 1st overall. In heat No.1 Slowe bet Charles Borg and Arthur Micallef both on Honda CRF’s. In race No.2 Sean Said made a very good start and led the group for quite a while. Arthur Micallef, Slowe and Brandon Cassar followed close by for most of the 12 minutes race. Slowe and Cassar offered consistent pressure which resulted in Slowe winning the race followed by Renato Mizzi and Brandon Cassar. Race was also held for the Junior Motocross riders with Bigeni and Camilleri winning the best places. They ride on 85cc bikes.

Next Practice sessions will be held next Saturday from 10.00am for the Motocross, from 2.00pm for the Autocross cars and the Trials Nursery from 3.00pm. Free entrance on Saturdays.

Next Sunday’s event starts at 13.00 hours at the ASM Race Circuits at Ta Qali.

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