ASM Autocross @Ta’Qali & Motocross Riders in FMI Championship Races

Saturday, April 28, 2012, 6:30

On Sunday 29th April, Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi (ASM) will be organising the 14th ASM-Pasta Poiatti Championship event at the ASM Racing Circuit at Ta Qali. The qualifying Heats starts at noon while the Race Finals are expected to be run at around 4.30pm.

The Autocross Class A Championship points scale shows Christian Galea on his Fiat Ritmo is currently leading with 80 points. Patrick Cassar on his Opel Corsa is Runner-up with 71 points. Matthew Borg is currently leading the Autocross Class ‘B’ on his Vauxhall Nova with 49 points. Mario Scicluna is Runner-up on his Opel Nova with 43 points. The competition for the lead is high with two more events to the Championships Finals and 18 points to be won and the Championship Winners and Runner-up will be identified.

Following a penalty flag during the qualifying heats to Christian Calleja on his Opel Corsa the ASM Board of Discipline had to suspend Calleja, his two brothers Joseph & Roderick and another driver Godwin Martin from taking part in any and all ASM activities of any kind for aggregating an ASM Officer. Legal action is being taken against the four persons involved to safeguard other drivers and the sport.

The Trials Section of the ASM held the 2nd Championship event for this season where 14 riders took part in Classes A and B according to their level of Trials Riding. Each competitor had to attempt 6 natural obstacles called sections but the most difficult obstacles of all were allocated for the more professional riders of Class A. Damon Bonello, Robert Caruana and Gray Debono all did very well in the first four sections. Later, James Zahra who also rides in Motocross, showed great pressure to his fellow competitors and was battling with for the lead, mainly with  Damon Bonello who lost some to James Zahra and had to be satisfied with 2nd place.

In Class B Trials, David Dimech showed his skills in Trials and won this Class B for the 2nd consecutive placeing. Jonathan Camilleri and Wayne Zahra both on GasGas m.cycles placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Members of the ASM Motocross riders will be competing again in the FMI Motocross Championship in Calabria. Clayton Camilleri and Darren Mizzi will be competing on KTM while Stefan Dimech and Josef Attard (from Gozo) will be riding on Honda motorcycles. The ASM Team will be accompanied by ASM President Mr. Frans Deguara. They will be racing in Under 21 and Over 21 MX2 Classes where competition is very high from top Italian motocross professional riders. The ASM will be racing on 1st May at Belsito MX Club Racing Track in Calabria. These and other ASM riders will be again competing on FMI approved soil later on next month. Hope we will fly the Maltese flag on the podium again.

Saturday afternoons at the ASM Racing Circuits will be reserved for Training and Practice sessions from 2.00pm onwards. Entrance to these sessions is free


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