ASM Autocross Championships as strong as ever

Sunday, January 22, 2012, 17:12

ASM will be organising the 8th Autocross event on Sunday 22nd January 2012 at the ASM Racing Circuits at Ta Qali which is sponsored by ASM and Pasta-Poiatti. First races start at 12.00hrs.

During the 7th event which was held on the 8th of January the Motocross races were postponed for safety reasons due to the condition of certain areas of the Motocross Track due to bad whether that hit our Islands earlier during the week.

During the Autocross qualifying Heats Patrick Cassar, Christian Galea, Karm Zammit, Manuel Muscat  and other drivers did very and  secured their place for the Class A and Class B Finals which count for the National Championship. In this event Christian Galea narrowed the points gap between him and Patrick Cassar who is the current leader in the points list. Galea now has 38 points against the 45 points of Cassar. Manuel Muscat is 3rd overall with 28 points.

The Autocross Class B points list has been considerably re-shuffled following the 7th event. In this Class B, Mario Scicluna is the current leader on his Opel Corsa with 26 points. Runner-up is Matthew Borg with 18 points on his Vauxhall Nova. Keith Borg on another Opel and James Buttigieg on his Fiesta occupy 3rd overall with 13 points respectively. Christian Calleja and Philip Grima with 12 points each are placed 5th Overall in Class B. All are prepared to emiliorate their placing on the 22nd January in the 8th Event from the 15 events long Championship.

Practice sessions for the ASM National Championships are held on Saturdays from 10.00 am to 4.00pm and entrance is free. The Motocross practical sessions are mainly held in the mornings while the Autocross practical and testing sessions are held in the afternoons, mainly between 2.00pm and 4.00pm. In the meantime, the race tracks and paddocks will be prepared for this weekend’s event at the ASM Racing Circuits at Ta Qali.  First Race at noon.


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