ASM Autocross and Motocross Championships still undecided

Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 15:07

On Sunday 20th May Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi (ASM) will be organising the last event for the ASM-Pasta Poiatti National Autocross and Motocross 2011-2012 Championships.  Motocross Racing commences at 10.00am which will be followed by the Autocross Races from about 13.00hours. A group of Gozo Autocross drivers will perform during the days meeting in a particular section for Gozo drivers. There is much interest in this sport from young drivers living in Gozo.

A look at the Autocross Class A points scale reveals that the race for the championship winner is still open. Anyone between Christian Galea now with 84 points and Patrick Cassar currently with 80 points could be the winner for 2011-2012. It is important that both drivers qualify for the Final A race, play fair and win the race against each other. Vehicle endurance may also affect the race results. 3rd place is secured to Manuel Muscat on his Opel Corsa.

The Autocross Class B Champion could have been declared during last event when Mario Scicluna was involved in a voluntary accident on his yellow/blue Opel corsa. Presently, Matthew Borg is 5 points ahead of Scicluna but with  nine points for the winner, the final list may result in a drastic points scale change between the two leaders. All will be solved during next race.

The Championship winner of Motocross Class A is also uncertain though Clayton Camilleri is leading at the top of the list with 162 points and ahead of current Runner-up Carmelo Borg with 146 points. 25 points are allocated for the winner, 22 points for 2nd placed so anything can happen during the three race heats of the day. Paul Muscat is 3rd placed with 135 points. Who knows if he will be a Runner-up in this Championship race?

Motocross Class B will also be decided during next Sunday’s race. Turu Micallef is current laeder with 144 points. Gozo rider Charles Borg is runner-up with 127 points. These two riders are ahead of the rest with a marginal gap. Next Sunday’s races reveals all while the unexpected may result.

On Sunday 13th May another small team of ASM Motocross riders made it to Noto in Southern Sicily to contest the ‘MX2-Over 21’ riders from Southern Italy and Sicily. Motocross Riders Clayton Camilleri and Paul Muscat on KTM and Josef Attard (Gozo) on a Honda were accompanied by Frans Deguara – ASM President and a small number of supporters. The Maltese group is welcomed by all FMI Officers and local riders during their participation in the Sicilian FMI Regional Championship for Motocross with the participation of 122 riders ranging from 9 year Cadets to over 40 years Veteran riders. The highlights range in the MX2 classes for over and under 21 years of riders age. Unfortunately Clayton had to retire due to a mechanical failure, Josef finished 5th and Paul Muscat won 3rd in Class MX2-Over 21 with his 250cc KTM. Next race is scheduled for the 17 June in Southern Calabria. ASM riders are being invited to participate both in the Italian Federation FMI Motocross and Beachcross Championship races in Southern Italy. The Maltese riders are winning good class results.

Next Autocross, Trials and Motocross practice sessions will be held next Saturday between 10.00am and 4.00pm at the ASM Racing Circuits at Ta Qali. Entrance on practice days is free.



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