ASA seeks improvement in coaching

Monday, January 11, 2010, 12:47

The Aquatic Sports Association of Malta (ASA) has, for some time, felt the need to regularise the coaching sector and, in particular, the coaching sector that is in direct contact with juniors in both the swimming and water polo disciplines.  As a result, the ASA is introducing ASA Coaching Licenses, which shall be subject to renewal every year and that shall be issued to individuals who follow ASA approved courses and who have a valid First Aid/Life Saving Certificate.  The ASA is also planning to hold periodic clinics in order that coaches are kept abreast of changes in methods, rules, new technologies, etc. 

Individuals who are already acting as coaches in their respective disciplines and who have been doing so for a number of years are still required to apply regularly and also to obtain a valid First Aid/Life Saving Certificate.   The first course, which is a must for prospective coaches, is due to start on January 16th.  Experienced individuals are strongly encouraged to attend Part One of these courses which comprises fundamentals of coaching.

Assessments shall be made by both ASA Personnel and specialised personnel  from Federazione Italiana Nuoto (FIN) that shall be brought over purposely to instruct and assess current and prospective water polo coaches during Part Two of the course. The ASA stresses that these Coaching Licenses are mandatory and individuals who are not licensed will not be allowed to participate in any ASA event.

For more information and relative applications please call at or contact the ASA Offices - Ms Isabelle Zarb – 21322884.

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