ASA is EUR40,000 in the red

Friday, July 15, 2011, 10:00

by Sandro Micallef

The local association responsible for aquatic sports in Malta, the ASA, is around EUR40,000 in the red, this site has learnt.

These debts have been accumulated by the 2010 operational costs according to the new ASA President Joe Caruana Curran. The news that the ASA is in the red came to light in a recent Press Conference when the ASA’s new chief explained the reason why the assocaition does not grant any gate money to the local Clubs.

“I confirm that the ASA Executive has so far never discussed the possibility of granting any gate money generated from the National Championship and Knock Out games to the associated Clubs” said Caruana Curran.

The President of the ASA added: “I do not exclude that this will be discussed in the future, but everyone has to appreciate the fact that I have been at the helm of the ASA for only a few months, so my colleagues and I embarked primarily on other priorities, such as generating more interest in the local competitions by changing the format and many other initiatives”.

He remarked that there are also plans to invest in either a new lighting system or improve the present one, “but this takes time and obviously this costs a lot of money and at the moment the Association cannot afford to invest in it.”

In the meantime, in an intelligent move, the ASA administration has allowed the local press to report the local water polo matches once again from the pool deck. It was practically impossible to follow and report the action from level four of the Tal-Qroqq Pool complex due to the late swim up fixtures that lead to games being played under the artificial light, resulting in lack of visibility from such a high viewpoint.

Recently, even the referees have asked the ASA to move swim ups of games to an earlier time due to this reflection-visibility issue.


  1. Henry Borg says:

    must be remis holiday on the asa lol


  2. ccassar says:

    i think it is time that kms takes over asa and the pixina like it has done in the past with other projects. asa has no fault at all for these losses, it was all remy’s and ebejer’s fault since they were too proud to ask for help from the authorities – cassar pemroke


  3. Jean says:

    try ask sliema and neptunes why asa has 40,000 in debts !!! Jean


  4. big black hole says:

    Well, it seems that the ASA and the Malta Basketball Association have been run by people whose economic sense leaves much to be desired. So the ASA is €20K in the red while th MBA always do things better as they are bankrupt to the tune of €200K.


  5. aru_kasa says:

    Xi trid tghid fuq Remy? kien segretarju uniku!! ahdar u njurant. kellu bzonn is-segretarju presenti jghidilna l-hnizrijiet li wiret


  6. MR.POLO says:

    very good administration by remy d’amato and co


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