ASA announces disciplinary action

Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 14:43

The ASA has handed down its judgement for the incidents that happened last Saturday during the Neptunes vs San Giljan game. The ASA’s decisions were based on uncontested reports and were as follows:

Neptunes doctor Stefan Camilleri is suspended for one game and fined €50 for remaining on the pool deck after being shown a red card.

San Giljan coach Marco Risso has been fined a total of €203 for receiving a red card and remaining on the pool deck.

San Giljan’s Dean Camilleri has been fined €200 and suspended for 2 games while Ranier Scerri was fined €93 and suspended for 30 days from all ASA activities. Both were also suspended for 2 games for crossing over to the opponents’ side of the pool/provocation.

The ASA also directed San Giljan to remove Camilleri and Scerri from any official capacity representing the Club with immediate effect for bringing the game of water polo in disrepute and for giving a bad example to youth, as coaches and to players, as captains.

Karl Galea (San Giljan) was fined €93 and suspended for 1 week from all ASA activities

San Giljan’s assistant Coach Pierre Borg was given a 2 months suspension from all ASA activities, suspended for 1 year for crossing over to the opponents’ side of the pool/provocation.

The San Giljan club was also fined €233 for the throwing of a filled plastic bottle at referee Scriha by one of their members and were also severely reprimanded. Based on the post match report submitted by the ASA President, San Giljan were fined an additional €233, severely reprimanded and also deducted 2 points.

Both Neptunes and San Giljan were each fined €116 for rude and vulgar chants/words.


  1. carmelo pace says:

    Ara li kienu players tal belt( naf li ma ghadniex nezistu,w thank god for that ) nahseb li l PAPA kien jkun furmat wkoll w jiskuminikana,ghal giehna issa il loghba qed tintlaghab mill puliti.kemm niehu pjacir bdawn l incidenti,minn tfal edukati w mhux HAMALI.


  2. Mark Agius says:

    Mhux se nikkummenta specifikament fuq din il-loghba, imma biss dwar il-kaz tat-tabib tan-Neptunes Dr. Stefan Camilleri bhala ezempju:

    Jidher li it-Tabib gie dixxiplinat ghax TKECCA u baqa fil-pool deck.

    Nistaqsi: kemm hija logika jew ragunata decizzjoni li waqt loghba tkecci tabib ? OK, kulhadd ghandu jimxi mar-regolamenti, imma jekk imbaghad jinqala incident fejn kwalunkwe dewmien jista jkun fatali? U meta tqis li tabib huwa obbligat bil-gurament li jghati dejjem is-servizz tieghu, kemm hija logika li dan jitlaq minn posthu ghax tkecca?

    Nahseb illi f`kazi fejn jirrigwardaa tobba jew first aiders li wara kollox il-clubs ikunu obbligati innizzlu fuq il-bank dawn m`ghandhomx jitkeccew minn fuq il-bank IMMA imbaghad il-passi dixxiplinari, multi u/jew sospensjonijiet ikunu oghla halli jikkumpensaw ghal-fatt li ma tkeccewx on the spot.

    B`hekk waqt li jkunu qed jiehdu il-kastig li haqqhom, la tkun qed tigi perikolata il-hajja tal-players u il-clubs ikollhom cans igibu replacement ghal-loghba ta wara


    polo fan Reply:

    there is always the doctor of the other team and any others present, even the lifeguards on duty. And they only have to go behind away from the pool not outside the premises!  

    And also would you just keep someone there after breeching regulations… not fair on others


    rapa Reply:

    does anyone recall the incident during a neptunes vs exiles game where one of the exiles player hurt badly and clearly needed a doctor, dr stefan camilleri was the only doctor on site and he REFUSED to even look at him, he simply told them ‘go to hospital’ very ethical indeed!!!


  3. SportInMalta says:

    The sporting public has discussed the subject of violence in local water polo extensively with exposure being given to this on all media and it is time to move one and turn the page.

    Therefore we ask you, our loyal readers, to support us in this initiative to stop the commenting on this subject and bring local water polo to the level it deserves i.e the water polo that you have read about on our portal over the past few months prior to the unfortunate incidents.

    You will be kept updated with all the results, photos and latest news as it happens, so keep this site bookmarked!


    lvz Reply:

    Well done Sandro for the extensive coverage of the waterpolo scene that has been lacking for many a year. In fact I can say that waterpolo is not the darling of the media, one reason I think is because the game is very ‘hot’ and ‘very difficult’ to understand and in order not to enter into a number of polemics during inevitable follow-ups of a match, editors seem to have followed the principle of “When in doubt, cut it out” and publicity of this sport unfortunately has been at a premium. I say well done again and keep up the good work. By the way I think it is about time you started pruning certain postings so that we will have clean and healthy discussions that will draw more and more readers and increase the waterpolo popularity to the level it deserves.

    [Sportinmalta] Thank you for your feedback and compliments. We hope that water polo, starting from Friday’s game, will once again be a spectacle that people of all ages should watch and follow.


  4. PROSIT says:

    prosit e stevie qabad il glieda u ma wehel xejn


    yyeyyy! Reply:

    stevie qabad il glieda int mignun xint hi?


  5. rapa says:

    what about stevie?


  6. THETRUTH says:

    this is disgusting , didnt this happen during daylight ????????? what happened to the provoker ??????its sick , its just sick .Clearly asa and neptunes are 1 and nobody can deny that ! I hope for the provoker’s sake that he learnt his lesson , how many times did he do it ? How long has he been provoking peaple in and out of the pitch ??? is this the example asa are setting ????? you can provoke till he bursts into anger ??? Oh well im done telling the truth ……..ill leave some space for the bull**it !!!!!!


  7. tawerwer says:

    and stevie not even a fine? he didnt provoke? i probably saw another game. ASA is surely going to win the team of the year…..impressive season. Wat a joke! wahda wara l-ohra.


    yyeyyy! Reply:

    Steve got a fine like dean and rainer did for using foul language ONLY and not for hitting or provoking or crossing sides. The referee/match report states that steve only used foul language and for that neptunes was fined 116€ so here we can see who the provoker is! and its definately not steve


    kappel Reply:

    nahseb int mignun ta ax flartiklu imkin ma jghid li stevie wehel fine


  8. anthony says:


    Is-sewwa dejjem jirbah.


  9. joseph s says:



  10. member says:

    Qabel is-suspporters ta’ SG jibdew jghidu li l-ASA kollox f’idejn in-Neptunes u f’idejn Austin, iftakru li d-decizzjonijiet li hadu l-board dixxiplinarji huma bbazzati fuq il-referee/match report, li fih, minbarra Stefan Camilleri u l-kliem hazin, ma jsemmix ebda player ta neptunes (in partikolari Stevie); issa kieku l-kumitat ta’ SG ridu, setaw jikkontestaw dan ir-rapport, u jsaqsu ghaliex Stevie ma kienx insemmi f’dan ir-rapport. Il-fatt li l-kumitat ta SG decidew li ma jikkontestawx dan ir-rapport hija evidenza tal-fatt li huma jafu li kienu l-players taghhom stess li zballjaw, u li wara kollox Stevie kien ipprovokat u ma kienx hu li beda’ l-glieda. Jekk ghandkhom problema ma dan id-decizjoni, morru eqirdu ghand il-kumitat u mhux il-board dixxiplinarji, u toqghodux twehhlu fil-presedent, jew remy, jew it treasurer, ghax kieku tafu xahaga tafu li dawn l-officjali tal-ASA ma jfurmawx parti mill-board; il-board huwa independenti u imparzjali.


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