Archery Association of Malta at 49th General Congress – World Archery Federation.

Monday, July 18, 2011, 10:30

Prof. Ugur Erdener, President World Archery Federation, presenting the Bronze Plaquette to Dion Buhagiar, Archery Association of Malta.

The Archery Association of Malta recently participated in the 49th World Archery General Congress in Turin, Italy.  The Association was represented by Prof. Dion Buhagiar, the Associations’ Secretary.   During Congress Dion Buhagiar contested the elections for the International Judges committee, and was once again elected for a four year period, ending 2015, he was first elected to this post in 2007.  Dion Buhagiar has been an World Archery International Judge, for Malta since 2002, and has officiated in several Senior and Junior, Outdoor and Indoor World Championships, the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, a number of World Cup events, and as the World Archery Federation’s technical delegate for the Archery Competition at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi last year. 

During Congress Dion Buhagiar was awarded the World Archery  Bronze Plaquette for his services during the Delhi Commonwealth Games, he is the first recipient of this award in Malta. 

Dion Buhagiar will continue with his International judging duties this year by forming part of the Judges Commission at the World Junior Championships to be held in Legnica, Poland, and as the Chairman of the Judges Commission during this years Olympic test event in London.

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