APS Under 15 – B’Bugia overcome Sta.Venera

Saturday, September 17, 2011, 10:00

 APS Bank Under 15 Section C 1  2011.12
Sta Venera   0       B’Bugia   2 

by Victor Ciangura Courtesy of  The Malta Independent
The south-sea-siders fully deserved the verdict as they were the more compact outfit during the game as they showed more combination in their play than Sta Venera.
The early pressure came from Birzebbuga. Kyle Stivala served Chris Mangion in the area and Sta Venera keeper Jonathan Bajada foiled with a timely sortie in two attempts. Clayton Camilleri then released Stivala on the left flank who then crossed to Manuel Azzopardi and Bajada saved his effort from outside the area, and later he foiled Andrew Tabone with another timely sortie after he entered the area when dribbling past an opponent,
Birzebbuga took the lead in the 17th minute when Ayrton Ciappara dribbled past an opponent on the right flank and Andrew Tabone scored from inside the area from his cross, 
Sta Venera reacted and created two actions before the half time whistle. Kenneth Schembri was fouled outside the area and Ismael Alfalah drove over the bar from the free kick and Schembri was again fouled on the left flank and the ball was headed away after Antonello Demanuele floated a high ball in the area from a free kick.
The Yellow/Blues were a better side after the restart, they kept trying and mounted the first two actions after the restart. Kane Pisani was fouled outside the area and from Alfalah’s free kick the ball was headed away and after Alfalah was fouled Pisani’s free kick shot was also headed away.
Birzebbuga then won a corner kick on the left flank when Manuel Azzopardi served Stivala in the area and a defender cleared his shot to a coener.
Birzebbuga keeper Karl Abela thwarted the Sta Venera forwards in three consecutive occasions. First he foiled Kerstin Cassar with a timely sortie after he was put through in the area by Alfalah, he then saved a shot by Pisani from the left flank and also saved a shot from inside the area by substitute Francesco Falzon after a Nathan Cross through ball.
Three minutes before the end Birzebbuga put the issue beyond any doubt. Substitute Bjorn Piscopo chased what looked like a lost ball on the right flank, entered the area and after dribbling past the onrushing keeper he shot into an empty net to make it 2-0.
Referee: Keith Buhagiar                        Player of the match: Andrew Tabone (Birzebbuga)


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