APS Super Cup Finals, wins for La Salle and Luxol

Saturday, October 9, 2010, 20:05

The 2010-2011 Handball season commenced last weekend with the APS Super Cup finals. In the women final La Salle ZT Development won their encounter against Aloysians Zmerc with the score of 16-11. The game seemed one way traffic for Aloysians who had a 5 goal lead in the first quarter, but La Salle had other ideas and after taking the advantage by half time, they kept control through the game.

In the men final Aloysians Von Taine faced Luxol. The game never saw an advantage of more than 3 goals and it was only in the last ten minutes that Luxol took the advantage that they kept till the end to win the encounter 19-15.
The APS Cup starts next Saturday with Kavallieri RS2 vs Aloysians Zmerc and Luxol Starbene vs La Salle ZT Development from the women league while La Salle Trendi vs Kavallieri RS2 and Luxol vs Aloysians Von Taine from the men fixtures.

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