APS Bank Under 17 Section D Swieqi 2 Zejtun 0

Tuesday, April 14, 2015, 15:19

Zejtun failed to capitalise after their closest followers Fgura  lost the previous game against Sta Lucia. This was their first defeat from 8 games and lead the standings on 21 points from 8 games while Swieqi are in fourth place on 13 points from same number of games. The crossbar denied Zejtun on two occasions and Swieqi keeper Edward Gatt was in an ubeatable mood as he effected some good saves.


Swieqi were the better outfit during the first period by creating more actions than Zejtun and in their first action Jon David Ferry released Mark Martin on the left flank and the ball finished over the bar from his cross-shot while at the other end Ismael Grech dribbled past an opponent and the ball missed the bar by inches as he tried his luck from the edge of the area.


In another action by Swieqi Luke Gatt was fouled outside the area and the ball was headed away from the free kick by Ferry. Swieqi keeper Edward Gatt then saved a hard drive from the edge of the area by Grech after being served with a square pass by Isaac Baldacchino.


In the 22nd minute Zejtun were denied by the crossbar. Grech served Baldacchino with a square pass who then released Dailin Zammit on the left flank  who after advancing the ball thumped the bar

from his hard rising shot with Gatt beaten and the ball was cleared away.


Two more actions were then created by Swieqi. Martin  released Andre’ Galea in the area and Kyle buttigieg saved his feeble ahot and Ferry released Nikolai dimech on the left flank and after advancing Buttigieg saved his hard rising shot.


In the 34th minute Swieqi forged ahead as they won a corner kick on the left flank which was taken by Nicholas Galea and Dimech rose above friend and foe to score with a header past a helpless Buttigieg.


Two minutes before the break Swieqi came close a second goal when Martin received the ball from a long drop kick from his keeper who then served Ferry with a square pass on the left flank and Buttigieg saved his hard drive.


The first action after the resumption was created by Zejtun as Cliven Farrugia was fouled on the right flank and the ball was cleared to a corner from the free kick by Grech.


In the 51st minute Dimech should have doubled for Swieqi as he failed to apply the killer touch when well-placed in the area after a perfect cross from the left flank by Andrew Sant Fournier after he was put through by Ferry.


Zejtun kept trying to level matters. Leon Agius released Zammit on the left flank and Gatt had to turn the ball to a corner with a diving save from his cross-shot and after the flag kick by Farrugia, Gatt saved a header by Zammit, and later he saved a header by Leon Agius from inside the area after a perfect free kick by Daniel Plumpton.


Swieqi kept insisting and mounted two actions. Martin released Damien Micallef on the right flank, advanced and Buttigieg parried his hard drive and after a flag kick by Ferry, Dimech headed slightlt out from inside the area.


In the 71st minute Zejtun were again denied by the bar when after aflag kick by Cliven Farrugia the ball thumped the barr from a header by Kurt Schembri.


Swieqi doubled thier lead in the 73rd minute when Micallef served  Andrew Johson, who came in as a substitute three minutes earlier, with a through ball who after entering the area scored with a low diagonal drive.


Swieqi:    E.Gatt, J.Zammit, A.Galea, N.Galea, L.Gatt, J.D.Ferry, M.Martin, D.Vella, A.Sant Fournier, N.Xuereb, J.Galea


Zejtun:  K.Buttigieg, C.Farrugia, D.Plumpton, D.Zammit, I.Baldacchino, I.Grech, J.Cesare, J,Galea, K,Schembri, L.Agius, R.Cutajar


Referee: Jason Saliba


Player of the match:  Nikolai Dimech

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