APS Bank Under 17 Section C – Promotion Play-offs

Tuesday, February 25, 2014, 13:32

Rabat  1

Zebbug R  2

Zebbug lead the table on maximum pints from 2 games after having beaten Mellieha 3-2 in their previous game while Rabat have only a point after drawing 1-1 against Naxxar in their first game. Zebbug need only a draw from their last game against Naxxar to secure promotion to Section B for next season. Though the game was keenly contested and watched by a large crowd it never reached any heights as tough tackling which resulted in many fouls were the order of the day.

Zebbug created the first action as Christian Farrugia released Michael Bonnici in the area and a defender cleared the ball to a corner.

The reaction by Rabat was immediate as they created two actions. Justin Buttigieg dribbled past an opponent outside the area and Zebbug keeper Neville Hili saved his long-range shot with a diving save and Nicholas ciantar was fouled on the right flank and from the free kick by Mario Spiteri, Buttigieg missed the upright with a header.

In another action by Zebbug  Matthew Camilleri dribbled past an opponent on the right flank who after advancing Rabat keeper Marc Ciangura saved his shot in two attempts.

In the 22nd minute Rabat were denied a penalty when Isaac Abela received the ball from a long drop-kick from his keeper and after entering the area he was pulled from his shirt and floored but the referee saw nothing wrong.

Zebbug threatened again and Bonnici missed the bar by inches as he tried his luck from the distance.

Rabat then won a free kick on the left flank after Shaun Vassallo was fouled  and Hili saved the free kick shot by Abela in two attempts.

Four minutes before the break Rabat opened the score as they won a corner kick on the right flank which was well-taken by Buttigieg and after the ball was partly cleared just outside the area Shaun Vassallo scored with a hard low drive in the bottom left hand corner of the net, but their joy was short-lived as a minute before half time Zebbug equalised as David Agius served Farrugia with a through ball in the area and he tapped the ball in with a low drive.

Five minutes after the restart Zebbug took the lead. Bonnici was fouled on the left of the midfield and Kurt Tanti scored with a hard rising shot in the top left hand corner of the net from the free kick.

In an action by Rabat Abela dribbled past an opponent on the right flank who after advancing Hili saved his hard drive in two attempt, and at the other end Farrugia released Bonnici outside the area but he drove over the bar.

Rabat tried very hard to save the game. Buttigieg was fouled outside the area and Hili was forced to dive and save the free kick shot by the same player and after a flag kick by Vassallo, Mario Spiteri headed just over the bar from inside the area.

In an action by Zebbug Wayne Camilleri released Bonnici in the area and Ciangura foiled him with a timely sortie.

The last two actions before the end were created by Rabat. From another flag kick by Vassallo , Spiteri headed slightly out from inside the  area and Andre’ Bugeja was fouled outside the area and Spiteri drove slightly over the bar from the free kick.

Referee: Jean Pierre Sammut

Rabat: M.Ciangura, A.Bugeja, A.Mallia, B.Micallef, I.Abela, J.Buttigieg, M.Spiteri, N.Ciantar, S.Vassallo, J.Mifsud, K.Micallef

Zebbug R: N.Hili, D.Farrugia, W.Camilleri, K.Tanti, R.Mallia, C.Farrugia, L.Gatt, M.Camilleri, D.Agius, R.Bonnici, M.Bonnici

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