APS Bank Under 17 Group 7: Training session for Mosta

Thursday, November 20, 2014, 14:46

By Victor Ciangura courtesy of the Malta Independent

Mosta 10

Xghajra 0

The final score clearly indicates that Mosta had no opposition from Xghajra and they scored at will during the game. Xghajra managed to create only three actions throughout the whole 80 minutes of play.


Mosta went straight on the offensive from the very first whistle. Jean P Fromosa released Brandon Abela in the area and Xghajra keeper Kieran Piscopo had to come out of his charge and kick the ball away to safety, he then saved a shot from outside the area by Formosa after being put through by Clyde Borg, the same player then drove slightly out from inside the area after being put through by Kurt Camilleri.


In the 15th minute the feast of goals commenced. Borg released Brandon Abela on the left flank who then crossed the ball in the area to Formosa who netted with a low drive, and hardly a minute later a second goal was scored as Kurt Camilleri entered the area after dribbling past two opponents, crossed the ball to Formosa in the area who scored with a low hard drive.


In the first action by Xghajra Jake Schembri released Josmar Saliba in the area but was foiled from further progression as Ryan Camilleri foiled him with a timely tackle.



In the 22nd minute the score became 3-0 as from a well-taken flag kick by Formosa the ball was deflected into the net by Xghajra player Josmar Saliba.


Mosta added three further goals between the 36th and 40th minutes. Nicholas Farrugia scored with a hard rising shot after being put through in the area by Kurt Camilleri. Borg released Zachary Brincat on the left flank and Luca Galea scored with a low drive after a perfect cross from Brincat and Kurt Camilleri released Formosa in the area who scored with a hard grounder to make it 6-0 just before the break.


Three minutes after the restart Mosta scored No 7. Kurt Camilleri served Luca Galea with a through ball in the area and after he was tripped Brincat made no mistake from the penalty spot.


Xghajra then managed to create two actions. Josmar Saliba drove out from inside the area after dribbling past an opponent and Dillon Axiak released Luke Paris in the area but he drove out.


The pressure by Mosta resumed as the mounted two more actions. Substitute Neil Frendo served substitute Kyle Gatt in the area and he drove over the bar and after a well-taken flag kick by substitute Jurge Grech the ball was cleared to another corner.


Nicholas Farrugia made it 8-0 in the 63rd minute with a hard grounder from inside the area after being pu through by Ryan Camilleri, and three minutes later substitute Kyle Gatt scored No 9 from a free kick with a hard grounder after he was fouled outside the area.


Just before the final whistle the score became 10-0 as Gatt released Frendo in the area who scored with a low hard drive.


Mosta: N.Vassallo, R.Camilleri (B.Fenech 50), A.Sultana, C.Borg (N.Cuschieri 50), J.P. Formosa (N.Frendo 50), L.Galea, B.Abela, L.Gatt, Z.Brincat (K.Gatt 50), K.Camilleri (J.Grech 50), N.Farrugia


Xghajra: K.Piscopo, D.Axiak, B.Camilleri, B.Farrugia, J.Schembri, M.Scicluna, T.Camilleri, O.Sammut, K.Buhagiar,J.Saliba, K.Dougall


Referee: Kurt Saliba

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