APS Bank Under 17 Group 2 Section A: Paola H 3 – Melita 0

Friday, October 31, 2014, 17:02

Paola H are on maximum points from two games and a draw against bottom-placed Qrendi in their last game will suffice to compete in Section A, while Melita must win their last game against Tarxien to compete in Section B.


The Paolites created more occasions than Melita who also had some good moments. The first action was created by Melita as Sean Schranz was fouled on the left flank, Daniel Cutajar served Luke Mifsud with a short pass from the free kick who in turn served Sylan Cassar in the area and the ball was cleared away.


In Paola’s first action Connor Zammit dribbled past a defender on the left flank who then crossed to Danziel Bartolo in the area and Melita keeper Isaac Mousu saved his close-range shot, and in another action by Paola they won a corner kick on the right flank and Connor’s swerving cross was too high for everybody and the ball finished out .


Melita then mounted two other actions. Bartolo released Kieran Xuereb on the right flank only to be denied with a timely tackle by Connor Zammit and the same player then served David Xuereb with a square pass outside the area and he missed the upright with his hard grounder.


Paola regained the initiative as they created three more actions. Jerome Delia was fouled right flank and after the ball was partly cleared from the free kick by Carlos Grech, Mousu effected a diving save on an over-head kick by Andre’ Azzopardi. Manuel Mbong dribbled past an opponent on the right flank who then crossed to Denzil Bartolo in the area but he missed the upright and after a flag kick by Kieran Xuereb the ball hit the top part of the bar from a header by Denzil Bartolo.


On the half hour Paola deservedly opened the score when Kieran Xuereb was fouled outside the area and the same player scored with a hard low drive from the free kick.


Hibs kept pressing and mounted two more actions. Connor Zammit served Denzil Bartolo with a through ball just outside the area and Mousu saved his header and Connor Zammit was then fouled just outside the area and Mousu saved the free kick by Kieran Xuereb.


Melita creted the last action before the break as Luke Zammit was fouled on the left flank and the ball was cleared away from the free kick by Daniel Cutajar.


The second period was dominated by Paola during which they added two more goals and Melita created only two actions. Kieran Xuereb was put through and as he was fouled just outside the area the ball missed the upright from Connor’s free kick. Mbong was then fouled on the left flank, Kieran Xuereb served Azzopardi in the area from the free kick and the ball was blocked from his shot and David Xuereb released Azzopardi in the area nad he skied the ball from a very ideal position.


In the 64th minute Paola doubled their lead as Luca Sacco served Kieran Xuereb with a through ball who entered the area after beating a defender and scored with a hard rising shot, and five minutes later the score became 3-0 when Azzopardi was fouled on the right flank and as Grech served substitute Daniel Abela in the area from the free kick he scored with a low drive.

In the only two actions by Melita before the end, Sean Schranz served Luke Zammit with a through ball on the edge of the area but he drove off target and Dylan Cassar served Luke Mifsud with a through ball and Hibs keeper Dorian Bugeja, who had an easy afternoon, saved his header.

Paola H: D.Bugeja, C.Sammut, C.Grech, C.Zammit, L.Sacco, D.Xuereb, K.Xuereb, M.Mbong, D,Bartolo, J.Delia, A.Azzopardi

Melita: I.Mousu, G.Distefano, D.cutajar, C. Gatt Baldacchino, L.Zammit, L.Mifsud, M.Russo, D,Cassar, L.Padovani, S,Schranz, L.Bedford.

Referee: Dorian Caruana

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