APS Bank Under 15 Section C 2 Lija-Iklin too strong for Naxxar

Tuesday, January 20, 2015, 18:23

Lija-Iklin     4


Naxxar     0


The final result is a clear indication the Lija-Iklin were the better outfit during the game as they crested much more actions than Naxxar. Their passing and playing of the ball along the ground was a delight to watch. Following this game they are now on 6 points from 3 games while Naxxar are still pointless after two games.


Lija-Iklin opened the score after only five minutes as they won a corner kick on the right flank which was well-taken by Aidan Spiteri and David Gatt headed in the ball from inside the area past Naxxar keeper Owen Micallef, this early lead served as a boost as they mouted two more actions. Glenn Attard was fouled on the left flank and from the free kick by Nicholas Camilleri the ball was headed away with difficulty and after a choral move between three players the ball was again cleared with difficulty when Bugeja served Craig Said with a through ball who then returned the compliment to Attard in the area.


In the 20th minute Lija-Iklin doubled their lead as Craig Said hit the upright from the edge of the area and as Glen Attard darted in the goal area he scored from the rebound.


The pressure from Lija-Iklin resumed as they mounted two more actions. After a well-taken flag kick by Spiteri the ball was cleared away with difficulty and the same player then served Neacail Grech with a square pass outside the area and he drove slightly out.


Naxxar created their first action after 25 minutes when Nydon Bezzina was fouled in midfield and from the free kick shot by Bernard Gauci the ball was headed away.


Lija-Iklin kept trying to increase their lead. David Gatt released Said in the area and Micallef saved his effort with a diving save and after a flag kick by Nicholas Camilleri the ball was cleared away with much difficulty.


Naxxar then created the last action before the break when Melchior Xuereb released Matthew Calleja in the area and Lija-Iklin keeper Kieran Micallef foiled him with a timely sortie as he dived at his feet and smothered the ball.



The first action after the restart was created by Naxxar as Matthew Calleja served Bernard Gauci with a square pass outside the area and he drove over the bar from the distance.


In the 43rd minute the score became 3-0 when Craig Said pounced on a faulty goal kick by Naxxar keeper Owen Micallef and he scored with a hard and diagonal drive from the edge of the area., and in another action two minutes later Aidan Spiteri served Attard with a cross from the right flank and Micallef saved his close-range shot.


In the 50th minute Lija-Iklin made it 4-0 as Spiteri dribbled past two opponents on the right flank who then crossed the ball in the area to Attard who scored with a hard grounder.


Substitute Claude Bugeja then had a shot which finished over the bar after he dribbled past an opponent outside the area, and in another action by Naxxar substitute Jeremy Ellul released Mark Deguara on the right flank and the ball was cleared to a corner from his cross.


Five minutes before the end Lija-Iklin came very close a fifth goal when Nicholas Camilleri released Spiteri on the right flank who entered the area after dribbling past an opponent and from his hard low drive the ball thumped the inner part of the part of the far post upright with Micallef completely beaten and the ball was cleared away.


Lija-Iklin:  K.Micallef (M.Felice 62), G.Attard (R.Xuereb 61), L.Azzopardi(J.Mallia 62), N.Camilleri, A.Cassar (K.Camilleri 50), D.Gatt, N.Grech (C.Bugeja 50), A.Micallef, C.Said, A.Spiteri, R.Xuereb


Naxxar: O.Micallef, C.Abela, N.Micallef (J.Ellul 36), M.Xuereb (J.P.Sciberras 51), J.Mifsud, M.Deguara , B.Gauci, N.Bezzina, M.Calleja (A.Fenech 61), R.Grima, J.M.Caruana (A.Zammit 51)


Referee: Nelson De Vella Seikas


Player of the match: Aidan Spiteri (Lija-Iklin)

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