APS Bank U15 Sec A – Sliema-Hamrun ends in a draw

Sunday, March 16, 2014, 23:18

Sliema W   1


Hamrun S    1


A keenly-contested game played at a very fast pace and watched by a sizeable crowd and was ably controlled by Referee Paul Toledo. The Spartans were the better outfit as they created more actions than Sliema. The Blues are Runners-Up on 30 points from 13 games.


The Blues were the first to threaten. Luke Borg released Omar Eloine on the left flank who after advancing the ball was cleared by a defender from his cross and Alessio Azzopardi served Miguel Mifsud with a through pass on the left flank who in turn crossed to Eloine and the latter drove slightly over the bar from inside the area.


The reaction by the Spartans was very immediate as they mounted three actions. Owen Agius I served Miguel Simiana with a through ball who after entering the area a defender cleared the ball to a corner. Owen Agius I was then fouled outside the area and Sliema keeper Glen Camilleri saved the free kick shot by Rhys Mifsud and Irvine Mifsud released Rhys Mifsud on the left flank who after advancing hit the side netting from the edge of the area.


In another action by Sliema Kurt Shaw entered the area after dribbling past an opponent and Hamrun keeper Jake Taliana denied him with a diving save to a corner which was taken by the same player and Gianni Brincat headed over the bar.


In the 27th minute Sliema forged ahead as Shaw released Eloine in the area who scored with a hard rising shot.


The last action before the break was also created by Sliema as Borg served Mark Desira with a through ball, the latter returned the compliment to Mifsud in the area who drove slightly over the bar.


The first two actions after the restart were created by Sliema. A flag kick from the left flank by Shaw was partly cleared outside the area and Taliana saved the rebound shot by Brincat and Mifsud released Eloine on the right flank and after he was fouled Taliana saved from the free kick by Mifsud.


The Spartans continued to be the better side as they mounted four more actions. Irvine Mifsud was fouled just outside the area and Jurgen Grech drove slightly over the bar from the free kick. Cain cutajar was fouled on the left flank and Camilleri saved the free kick shot by the same player. Owen Agius I served Darren Borg with a square pass and he missed the upright from outside the area and Owen Agius I was then fouled outside the area and Camilleri had to dive and save to a corner the free kick shot by Cain Cutajar.


In an action by Sliema Shaw was fouled outside the area and from the free kick by the same player Taliana was forced to dive and save the ball from finishing at the back of the net.


In the first minute of added time Hamrun equalised as Rhys Mifsud served substitute Isaak Karoma with a through ball and as Camilleri came out of his charge and failed to kick the ball away to safety he entered the area unhindered and prodded the ball into an empty net.


In the third minute of added time Sliema were denied the winner by the wood work as Miguel Mifsud served Eloine with a through pass outside the area and the ball thumped the foot of the upright from his hard drive with Taliana completely beaten.


Referee: Paul Toledo                                                                                                                                                               Player of the match: Irvine Mifsud (Hamrun S)


Sliema W: G.Camilleri, A.Azzopardi, L.Borg ( G.Muscat 51), G.Brincat, M.Desira, O.Eloine, M.Mifsud, Z.Mifsud, K.Shaw, L.Pisani (N.Portelli 54), J.Catania


Hamrun S: J.Taliana, O.Agius I, O.Agius II, D.Borg ( I.Karoma 57), L.Ciantar, C.Cutajar, L.Friggieri, J.Grech, I.Mifsud, R.Mifsud, M.Simiana,

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