APS Bank U 17 Sec A -Champions end commitments on a high

Thursday, April 10, 2014, 10:32

Championship Pool


Sliema W    3


Hamrun s    0



Sliema ended their last game by beating Hamrun in an action-packed game watched by a very large and well-behaved crowd. The Spartans enjoyed the lion’s share of exchanges in the first period while Sliema were the much better outfit after the resumption.



The Spartans were the first to threaten. Waddle Formosa released Joyfred Farrugia on the right flank and after advancing the ball skimmed the bar from his cross-shot and Luca Bugeja was fouled outside the area, Brady Galea served Formosa with a short pass on the right flank from the free kick and after advancing the bal was cleared from his cross.


In the first action by Sliema Michele Sansone released Luca Brincat in the area and Hamrun keeper Andrea’ Camilleri foiled him with a timely sortie as he dived at his feet and smothered the ball, while at the other end, Joyfred Farrugia was fouled on the left flank and the ball was cleared to corner from the same player’s free kick, which was taken by the same player and the ball was cleared to another corner.


Sliema created another action as Shaun Micallef entered the area after dribbling past two opponents and the ball was cleared to a corner , and from the flag kick by Sansone the ball was partly cleared outside the area and Christian Bajada drove slightly out from the rebound.


Hamrun then won a free kick in midfield after a foul on Luke Galea and from the free kick by Dale Borg, Sliema keeper Timothy Aquilina was forced to fist the ball away to safety.


Sliema then were denied in two consecutive occasions by Camilleri as he saved shots by Sansone and Martin Kan.


The Spartans kept trying and after Tensior Gusman was fouled outside the area Aquilina was forced to dive and save to a corner the free kick shot by Seymour Micallef.


In the first minute of added time Sliema forged ahead as Bajada released Omar Xuereb in the area and he scored with a hard low drive.



Sliema created the first action after the restart as they won a corner kick on the right flank which was taken by Sansone and after it created havoc in the Spartans area the ball was somehow cleared away to safety.


In the first action by Hamrun Bugeja was fouled outside the area and after Borg’s free kick Joseph Vella headed slightly out from inside the area.


After Bajada was fouled outside the area Camilleri saved the hard drive from the free kick by Brincat, and in another action by Sliema , Sansone pounced on a loose ball outside the area and after he tried his luck from the distance Camilleri brough the house down as he tipped the ball over the bar, and after the flag kick by substitute Aidan Friggieri, substitute Mark Scicluna missed the bar by inches from inside the area.


In the 74th minute Sliema doubled their lead as Friggieri was fouled on the left edge of the area and the same player scored with a swerving shot from the free kick.


In the 77th minute Sliema were denied by the wood work as the ball thumped the bar from a Friggieri free kick after substitute Christian Mercieca was fouled outside the area.


In the second minute of added time Sliema scored their third goal as Mercieca was fouled just outside the area and Friggieri scored with a hard rising shot in the top right hand corner of the net.


After the game Mr Joe Micallef, Youth FA Secretary presented the Trophy to Sliema captain Carl Cassar to the joy of the numerous Sliema supporters.


Referee: Tyrone Cardona                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Player of the match: Shaun Micallef (Sliema W)


Sliema W: T.Aquilina, C.Bajada, L.Brincat (M.Scicluna 72), C.Cassar, K.Farrugia, I.Meli, S.Micallef (A.Farrugia 68), D.Mifsud, M.Sansone, M.Kan (A.Friggieri64), O.Xuereb


Hamrun S: A.Camilleri, D.Borg, L.Bugeja, J.Farrugia, R.Farrugia, W.Formosa, B.Galea, L.Galea, T.Gusman , S.Micallef, J.Vella(C/Mifsud 59)

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