Apcev case concluded. League to resume immediately

Wednesday, March 30, 2011, 18:37

The Malta Basketball Association yesterday evening confirmed that theBoard of Inquiry appointed by the Presidents Council of the Association concluded the case of Petar Apcev. This means that the 1st Division Men’s League will resume immediately. This decision is being published below.

Board Conclusion:

The Board of Inquiry, having considered the documents made available to it, having heard the witnesses who voluntarily appeared before it, having considered all the records of the case, having considered the Registration and Licences policy of the MBA and in particular Articles 45
and 47 thereof, renders the following unanimous decision:

I. Finds that events prior to Mr. Apcev’s application for registration, his contact with the educational institution, the commencement of lessons at the said educational institution, his attendance, show that Mr. Apcev came to Malta as a bona fide student to attend a local education institution;

II. Directs the Secretary to communicate this decision to the President’s Council of the Malta Basketball Association;

Caesar Scerri – Chairman
Victor Scerri – Member
John Bonello – Member
Jean-Paul Sammut – Secretary

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  1. Matthew Bonnici says:

    @ Adrian Mifsud – you rode the Siggiewi protest bandwagon in the hope that you will win something, sometime. However, you couldnt even carry that out successfully. Now you comment by putting councils, teams, players and lawyers into disripute and are trying to hang on to something you never had. You are the perfect example of an armchair critic, a typical 4th place team official with hopes set too high and now as statistics show, a perennial loser. If you fail move on. At least you’ll have pride left. You are losing that too.


    Adrian Mifsud Reply:

    @Matthew – guess you are using all the style and charisma that Whip refers to. Well at least you had the decency to sign off with your name – I’ll give you that much.


  2. Whip says:

    1 – as a Vice President you should be ashamed at saying that all decisions favoured Luxol for the simple reason that You in amending the statute suggested an independent board to decide the Apcev case. this motion went through the Presidents Council, the clubs council and eventualy got decided by the Independent Board. So you are implying that the independent board is corrupt?

    2 – Two members of the Independent Board are ‘very close’ to the same political party as someone in the Presidents council. 

    3 – The changes to the statute were put forward for your own personal gain – ONLY.

    4 – Your agenda stopped the league for 2 months circa – your only motive being that you want to rid yourself of Luxol’s ‘Bona Fide Student’ (as decided by the Independent board you suggested).

    5 – You came up with about 5 affidavits to no avail.

    6 – A letter had been signed that once the Luxol – Siggiewi protest was decided games would resume – but no you brought up the Apcev case again. it has been twice over first in September/October and now in March. Clearly you were out to get Luxol and in a way Sliema who hadnt lost a game till January 29, 2011. They then played vs Siggiewi who had till January a depleted side through injuries. Come March they now have a full line-up and beat Sliema who lost their rythm it seems.

    6 – Luxol play again after exactly 2 months, WIN, but no the losing team had to protest!!!!

    7 – Boards turned into courtrooms – what do you expect? if a played gets his hearing in front of 3 lawyers why cant one have his teams lawyer present?

    8 – Certain teams have history, style, charisma, passion, a set-up etc etc, others DONT, for everything else there is the Presidents Council!!!


  3. Joe Borg says:

    Some day, the real truth will come out. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


  4. Truly Bball Lover says:

    Remeber that all three teams had interest of keeping Luxol back…


    Adrian Mifsud Reply:

    Just as much as Luxol had every interest in having the foreigner rules changed for this season!! The MBA administration always resisted implementing at short notice, small changes to the rules but for some reason this year they felt that a major change should be implemented overnight – even though most clubs argued and voted against it.


  5. DUHHAN says:

    After almost three months that the MBA was hijacked by Siggiewi (Hon. David Agius), Depiro (Mr. Adrian Mifsud) and Loyola (Mr. Ray Cuschieri) it is now clear that the MBA acted correctly in all decisions.
    The above gentlemen should issue a statement excusing themselves with the basketball community and the sporting public for all the damage they had created to BASKETBALL


    P R Reply:

    Not enough… the clubs of these ‘honorable’ gentlemen should seek their resignation from their respective posts!


    Adrian Mifsud Reply:

    In reply to Duhhan – it seems that this individual is part of the basketball scene but not in touch with reality. The basketball community is aware of all that has happened and is scandalised by all decisions that have been taken – always favoring one team Luxol. Unfortunately our boards have been turned into court rooms with lawyers attending hearings, coaching witnesses etc etc. While we accept these decisions and move on, the basketball community is disgusted with the outcome. 
    For the benefit of your readers, the Basketball community was so fed up with the way the administration was running things, that at the EGM, the changes to the statute that clearly showed lack of faith in the administration, were approved by all clubs present except for one – Luxol. I guess you do not need to be too intelligent to understand why.
    As to PR’s contribution, it may be the case that his/her club could benefit from the resignation of people who have the guts to stand up and be counted. 
    To conclude, it would have been better for the 2 persons who wrote comments to post with their name – rather then hide their true identity.


    P R Reply:

    Hear hear… straight out of the ‘Brigata’ manual…. what should the ‘Basketball community’ you are so proud of representing do? Burn the house down? You represent noone but your selfishness! Please move on!

    Adrian Mifsud Reply:

    Still hiding our true identity are we – one wonders why

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