Anthony Sammut wins Bonnici Bros Trap Trophy

Tuesday, March 15, 2011, 10:00

Anthony Sammut was the overall winner of The Bonnici Bros Trap Trophy organized by The Malta Shooting Sport Federation at The Bidnija ranges.

Anthony Sammut placed 1st with 42+22=64

Alvin Vella placed 2nd with 43+14=57

Paul Formosa placed 3rd with 40+14=54

Warren Sammut placed 4th with 39+14=53

Paul Vella placed 5th with 40+13=53

Kevin Bonnici placed 6th with 38+12=50

Class A 1st Anthony Sammut 42/50, 2nd Jeffery Pisani 38/50, George Ciappara 36/50

Class B 1st Alvin Vella, 2nd Paul Vella 40/50, 3rd Warren Sammut 39/50

Class C 1st Paul Formosa 40/50, 2nd Kevin Bonnici 38/50. 3rd Matthew Busuttil 36/50.

Meanwhile Double Trap Junior Maltese shooter, Nathan Lee Xuereb is in Italy taking Part in Il Campionato Italiano Di Inverno in the Double Trap Event. He was chosen to shoot with The Umbria Verde Team. This competition is organized on three rounds of 30 clays double trap each shooter, where in every round the scheme is changed from scheme A, B and C. The best six will shoot in the finals this afternoon.

Nathan is being assisted with MSSF double Trap coach Jimmy Bugeja.

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