Anthony Mifsud wins Windheagen Cup

Wednesday, June 29, 2011, 23:55

Top MSSF Pistol Shooter Anthony Mifsud showed his talent again, in the 3rd ISSF Championship held at the Victoria Ranges. Mifus won The Windheagen Cup both in the Rimfire and Centerfire events.

In the Rimfire (.22LR) Competition Mifsud started his first set with an 88 points, followed by  a 92, 90 and 95 with a total of 365. Charles Wallbank placed 2nd with  340 points and Patrick Azzopardi placed 3rd with 319 points.

The Centerfire Competition which was the most challenging and where most shooters took part. In this event new shooters took part where Anthony Mifsud took the lead in his first set and won this Category with a 355 points.

Charles Wallbank placed 2nd with 344 points and Patrick  Azzopardi placed 3rd with 312 points. The Competition was Sponsored by Windheagen Gun Dealer/ Gunsmith of Siggiewi.

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