Another great result for Maltese minimoto drivers

Wednesday, May 9, 2012, 9:52

On Sunday 29th April, the second event for the FMI Sicilian Championship was held in the SoleLuna track at Vittoria.  Glenn Schembri, Dylan Cauchi and Ryan Faenza made once again an excellent performance.  After 2 days of bike-setting and intense training to acquire confidence in this track, on Sunday morning, Dylan Cauchi managed to obtain the pole position with best time lap of 36.549 seconds.  Glenn Schembri followed with 36.865 seconds, while Ryan Faenza obtained the 6th best time.

In the afternoon, the race started with Dylan and Glenn loosing a couple of positions on the start but after a few laps they managed to pass some of their opponents.  The second part of the race was a struggle for the first position between Glenn, Dylan and the Sicilian driver Danilo Sapienza.  13yr old Glenn Schembri ended in the second position while Dylan Cauchi ended the race 3rd.  Ryan Faenza too had a struggle till end with driver Dario Beritella,  finishing 4th position on the grid.  Now the 3 drivers with their mechanic Frans Schembri  all look forward for the next event in Kinisia track in the end of June.


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