Angilleri and De Raffaele with A2 appointments

Tuesday, February 9, 2010, 18:28

Following the signing in Malta of the Referee Exchange Protocol on 16 January 2010 between the FIN (Federazione Italiano Nuoto)/GUG (Gruppo Ufficiali Gara) and the ASA/Malta Water Polo Referees Association, the water polo referees have just returned from Ostia, Rome where they attended a one day seminar covering various subjects related to the game of water polo but principally the interpretation of the rules in various water polo situations.

Maltese waterpolo referees shall be on top form this summer after intensive training in Italy

Maltese waterpolo referees shall be on top form this summer after intensive training in Italy

The panel of the seminar was principally the GUG President Roberto Petronilli, Sandro Campagnia and Gianni Lonzi. All three individuals are very familiar with Maltese water polo having been, at sometime or other, physically involved either at club level or association level. The first two Maltese referees that shall benefit from this historic agreement shall be involved in two separate A2 matches one in Catania and the other Rome on 13th February 2010. Ref. Alex De Raffaele shall whistle the match in Catania between Famila Muri Antichi and RN Cagliari Blue Shark whilst Ref. Massimo Angileri shall whistle the match in Rome between Roma Vis Nova PN and Strano Light Division Nuoto Catania. The ASA President, Dr Austin Sammut and the ASA General Secretary, Mr Remy Damato were also present during this very interesting seminar following an invitation made by the GUG President Roberto Petronilli.

The presence of ASA Officials was very beneficial to the Maltese referees in that it showed to the FIN Officials and Delegates that they have the full backing of the ASA. The ASA officials took the opportunity to continue with the drive to increase and consolidate further the contacts with the Italian federation by inviting Sig Sandro Campagnia, the Italian National Water Polo Team Coach, and the international water polo authority Chev. Gianni Lonzi to come over to Malta to conduct a seminar on the game of water polo and its rules. This would serve as a refresher course for the local experienced water polo coaches prior to their obtaining their water polo coaching license and to prospective assistant water polo coaches. The seminar is due to be held during the first week of May – further details shall be released at a later date.

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