Andrew Chetcuti first Maltese in action. Heat 3 lane 5 for him

Monday, July 30, 2012, 10:15

Swimmer Andrew Chetcuti will be the first Team Malta member to be in action at the London Olympics when on the 31st July at the Acquatics Centre, he will in the third from eight heats in the men’s 100 metres freestyle.

In heat 3 Chetcuti who will be in lane 5 with his qualifying time of 51.98 sec.will be having as opponents Koloyan Mikayel (Armenia), Avila Soto Kevin (Guam), LeGrand Jemal (Aruba), Hoxha Sidni (Albania), Mohammad Bidaryan (Iran), Rutherfurd Andrew (Bolivia), Christopher Duenas (Gambia). The heats start at 10.00 am (UK time).

Close sources to the MOC contingent in London have told us that with his entry time (second best in his heat) Chetcuti can push to win his heat and break the National record with ease.

In the meantime both Andrew Chetcuti and Nikki Muscat, Diane Borg and Rachid Chouhal continued with their training programme with their respective coaches Andy Colburn and Mario Bonello. Both swimming and athletics venues are within walking distance from the Athletes’ Village.

Training for William Chetcuti, together with his coach Jimmy Bugeja, was held at the Royal Artillary Barracks which is about a 30 minutes drive from the Athletes’ Village. Chetcuti will be in action in the double-trap on Thursday 2nd. August with the competition starting at 9.00 – 9.30 am

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