An idea to promote women’s football in Malta

Sunday, February 24, 2013, 6:18

The launching of Facebook as a modern and integral part of the social media network is a step in the right direction.  The idea is to further promote women’s football within the Malta Football Association, a sector that has blossomed and is yielding results.

Indeed, recent advances and developments in women’s football, globally as well as in our country, are proof of great endeavour to promote the game among the fairer sex. Our association is fully behind ventures to boost women’s football, and its total commitment in this regard testifies to this. The use of the MFA’s resources and knowhow to keep developing football in the sector at every level is evident through the progress registered in the local as well as in the international field.

Grassroots is at the core of this development since the youths are provided with all possible means to develop their skills. This is done through schools festivals, tournaments and later through national league competitions. All these have attracted the attention of a wide cross-section of girls, coaches and teams from almost every corner of our islands.

Above all, the aim is to demonstrate that women’s football is a medium of character-building where integrity and fair play are the topmost ideals.

Through Facebook one can move forward even more, educate and instil in our girls’ and women participants greater affection for this popular game. I am confident that this initiative will attain pre-set objectives and others which the association has in mind for the future.




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