Alvin Vella wins Baskal Muscat Trap Trophy

Saturday, April 2, 2011, 16:59

Alvin Vella was the overall winner of The Baskal Muscat Trap Trophy during a competition organized by The Southern Shooting Club at Hal Far earlier this week.

This competition was on 50 clays Trap, with the best six shooters to qualify for a barrage final of another 25 clays.
Alvin Vella managed 23 and a straight of 25/25 for a total of 48/50 to lead for the barrage finals where he smashed 18 for a total of 66. He won the Trophy after he had a shoot off with  Stephen Vella that also managed 47+19=66.

In the shoot off Alvin Vella managed 7 clays while Stephen Vella missed his 7th clay to place second overall.
Jason J.Aquilina placed third with 44+21=65
Nicky Carabott placed fourth with 45+19=64
Carmel Mallia placed fifth with 41+22=63
Joseph Cutajar placed sixth with 41+18=59

Class A 1st Stephen Vella 47/50. 2nd Nicky Carabott 45/50, 3rd Jason J.Aquilina 44/50.
Class B 1st Alvin Vella 48/50. 2nd Joseph Cutajar 41/50, 3rd Carmel Mallia 41/50
Class C 1st Rudolph Zammit 40/50. 2nd Maurice Cutajar 40/50. 3rd Joe Zammit 38/50.

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