Alfred Debono prepares himself for the Boston marathon

Saturday, April 14, 2012, 13:15

Alfred Debono a 63 year veteran athlete was undergoing an intensive training in the last months to prepare himself for the Boston marathon that is to be held on Monday 16th April, Debono’s last intensive training session was held last 10th April, just 6 days before the event. He ran 10,000 meters on track,  in 42m 02s. This promises well for a good performance at Boston marathon. In fact  he will be at the starting line with thousands of other athletes from over the World.

The world’s five most prestigious marathons are the London’s, Berlin, New York ,Chigago and Boston’s. Having already run 4 of these, Debono’s aim is to run the last remaining – Boston’s to be able to claim to have run them all. Not an easy feat for many sixty year olds to have tallied. Debono is being assisted by Medcomms Ltd and Gasan Mamo Insurance.


  1. patricia says:

    Great to meet you at the family reunion kiosk and to learn about your other great races and about Malta. Happy to help you learn the correct pronounciation of “Mass a chew sets” Ha! Please keep in touch. See you in Malta sometime.


  2. Ron says:

    Hi Alfred -

    My wife and I enjoyed meeting you yesterday at the Boston Marathon pre-race festivities.  We hope your finish line pic is a nice keepsake of your race.

    Been following you online all morning and just saw that you finished!!! Congratulations and great job on such a gruelingly hot day for this marathon.


    Ron Cook



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