Alex Manfre to run for Vice President at MFA due to Portelli’s interest

Monday, July 12, 2010, 7:00

Ex Sliema FC official Alex Manfre, who currently heads the MFA financial office as Treasurer, is set to run for a bigger and much important post in the forthcoming election for the new Executive MFA Committee which will be elected during the the MFA Annual General meeting which is set for the 7th August.

Antoine Portelli set to contest Manfre as treasurer

Antoine Portelli set to contest Manfre as treasurer

This website is informed that Manfre will still run for his current post as Treasurer but due to the fact that he will face a very tough opposition from a candidate by the name of  Antoine Portelli he thought it would be safer to contest two simultaneous posts since the MFA statue permits this. Portelli, an ccountant by profession and an ex-Msida administrator is one of the persons who has been canvassing for Norman Darmanin Demajo, with the latter already confirming that he will contest Joe Mifsud for the post of President.

It is a known secret that the blue eyed boys of Darmanin Demajo  have never had any issues with Manfre in the past and most probably the De De “party” will be happy if Manfre would be elected as one of the three Vice Presidents. This would obviously jeopardize the position of the other three Vice Presidents namely Bartolo, Fenech and Micallef who have already shown interest to run again for their post in August. It is also worth mentioning that three years ago Alex Manfre had also opted to run for both posts to rest his mind that at least he would be elected in the MFA Executive Committee. Three years ago he had won a head to head election for the Treasurer post with the former MFA Grounds Manager George Micallef know as il-Bobby.

In the meantime Joe Mifsud is returning to Malta late tonight after spending the past 28 days in South Africa where he attended the majority of the games of the 2010 FIFA World Cup as a UEFA Vice President. His return to the office is set to shed more light on the possible block votes to be organised in time for the election.


  1. markuuuus says:

    iva l-iktar anotoine ax u serju u jzomm mal-inter. apparti c-cajt nahseb li emm bzonn nies bhal antoine li huma professjonali li jamministraw il-flus fl-mfa


  2. Sciberras D says:

    Both Alex and Antoine should be in a position at MFA. They both contributed a lot to football. Good luck


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