Alcorse in court with Marsaxlokk

Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 23:00

by Sandro Micallef.

Julio Alcorse is claiming that Marsaxklokk still owe him the sum of EUR6,150 due for his services as played for the past season. The player asked his lawyer Antonio Tufigno to officially write to the MFA complaining about the fact that Marsaxlokk ignored the decision taken by the Board of Appeal of the MFA that had decided in favour of the player.

The player is also claiming the his former Club is to reimburse him also the money he spent for three return flights to Argentina.

The MFA has imposed a prohibition on the Club.

Msida St. Joseph still owe money to Roderick Baldacchino

The MFA will summon Msida St.Joseph FC to appear in front of the Control and Disciplinary Board after the Club did obey the order imposed by the Players, Coaches, Players Agents and Member Clubs complaints Board to pay the sum of EUR5,150 to their former player Roderick Baldacchino.


  1. Facts are more important then speculations says:

    And I might add that your title should be. Alan Mifsud wanted as Marsaskala FC Team Manager!


    Facts are more important then speculations Reply:

    Seeing that you deleted your article about the matter, I do not see why you should not delete my post too now. Thank you


  2. Facts are more important then speculations says:

    Alan Mifsud Wanted as Zejtun Team Manager.

    Sur Micallef In yesterdays Council meeting it came up that Mr Mifsud was co-opted in Marsaskala FC committee so he could be on the bench and act as a coach.

    Zejtun Corinthians had nothing to hid about Mr Mifsud resignation,he resigned and it was accepted. Infact the council yesterday refused him being co-opted in Marsascakla Fc committe because you cannot be in two different committee`s in one season. besides there was nothing surprising about replacing him at Zejtun.


    Sportinmalta Reply:

    The error is regretted. Apologies Sandro Micallef


  3. Edward Afolabi says:

    Football in Malta has a potential to grow and become financially viable but club officials must up their game and strive to run their respective clubs in a professional manner and not see their position as a status symbol.


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