Wednesday, May 2, 2018, 11:02

New Zealand scrabbler Alastair Richards won in a convincing manner the 11th edition of the Malta International Scrabble Open, known as MISO 11, as the Main Event played over three days came to an end on Tuesday evening at the Luzzu Restaurant Conference Hall in Qawra.

This Main Event was played between Sunday and Tuesday over 25 rounds. There were two divisions with 38 players in Division A and 44 players in Division B for a total of 82 players.

Richards was the favourite and he finished in first place with 19 wins, followed by Indian Goutham Jayaraman with 17 and a half wins, while Englishman David Webb placed third with 16 wins.

Maltese champion Theresa Brousson also managed to win 16 games, but placed fourth as Webb had a better spread. Another Maltese player, Cecil Muscat, placed eighth on 15 wins.

In Division B Maltese player Pauline Cilia finished in first place thanks to 17 and a half wins. Australia’s Paul Richards and Maltese Josephine Mayo both obtained 17 wins, but Richards won second place thanks to a better spread than Mayo who thus finished third.

Two other Maltese players, Anna Borg and Sammy Mangion, finished eighth and ninth respectively, both with 15 wins.

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