Air Rifle & Pistol Shooting Club organizes competition (2016)

Saturday, June 11, 2016, 13:18

Gavin Muscat

The Air Rifle & Pistol Shooting Club organized their fourteenth competition for 2015/16, held at the Larry Vella Hall indoor range in Bidnija.   In the Air Rifle event, Gianluca Azzoaprdi Spiteri took the lead during the 60 shots qalification round with a total score of 576.4, followed by Michael Xuereb with 561.4 and in third place the junior shooter Jeremy Pisani.  In the final round Michael stood strong and managed to overcome GianLuca and with a difference of 4.2 points he won the Air Rifle event.

In the ‘mixed’ Air Pistol qualification competition of 60 shots, Eleanor Bezzina was firm in her performace and with a score of 567 from 600 she was leading the event, followed by Raymond Cacciattolo with 542, Stephen Vassallo with 537, Josephine Galea Calleja 529 and Antoine Attard with 517.  In the final round of 20 shots Eleanor kept her momentum and won the Air Pistol event. Though changes were recorded in the second and third place were Stephen shot a good final and placed second and Antoine made a come back and placed in third place leaving out Raymond from the podium.

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