Afric renews contract with ASA as National Coach

Tuesday, August 10, 2010, 9:53
Sergio Afric

Sergio Afric

by Sandro Micallef

Sergio Afric has been offered an extension to his contract as coach of the Malta national water polo team by the ASA. Afric’s previous contract came to an end two months ago after the National team’s international participation in Turkey. There was no consensus within the ASA to renew his contract immediately as some officials were lobbying to introduce San Giljan’s coach Marco Risso as the new Malta coach.

In fact Risso himself had admitted in a live post match interview on Melita Sports that he had commenced talks with the Aquatic Sports Association in this regard. It seems that the decision to confirm the trust in Afric also had the backing of ASA President Dr. Austin Sammut, so things will remain unchanged at least for the next two years.

The ASA also confirmed that the Assistant Coach of the Malta national team will be Karl Izzo. Afric himself had also asked the ASA to consider the renewal of Izzo’s contract since the two have a very good working relationship in the management of the national team.


  1. Kesu says:

    Kemm hu serju izjed minn Afric Sergey Markoc tan-Neptunes! Kellu bzonn ghandna xi erba coaches tat-tip tieghu. Bravu, serju u ddixxiplinat ta’ veru! U fuq kollox ragel tal-familja!!!!


  2. Pathetic says:

    Saqsu lil players kemm huma kuntenti b’din l-ghazla.

    Meta ghandek league bhall ta Malta fejn it-teams bla Neptunes u Sliema “joqtlu” bejniethom, trid tkun mignun biex tpoggi coach illi huwa il-coach ta wiehed minn dawn it-teams !

    Issa l-istess storja hux…jghajjat lit-team tas-Sliema kollu :)


  3. James says:

    Well done to Sergio and Karl.  This is a very good balance for the National team.
    I think this will help The Maltese team and the youth Player’s from all the training they get through out the year with Sergio.


  4. John says:

    Congratulations to both. At this hour, no-one is better qualified for the job than Sergio and karl. I believe ASA have worked their brains out to come to such a choice. On one hand, Malta gets the extensive experience of a foreign coach, who is available 24/7 in Malta (Thanks to his other post). On the other hand, Karl will offer the balance, which was hugely contested these last months.


  5. h20 says:

    ur all ridiculous….
    the idea of izzo as assistant is done for the sole purpose of afric not being biased……

    let us see you all waterplo experts who fits better than sergio afric??????
    for the national team???


  6. for the name of waterpolo says:

    I would suggest that both the President and the Secretary should foward their resignation, as it seems that they are not capable of managing the association, actually in my opinion, they have no clue.


  7. dizzjunarju says:

    Xi hlew! No doubt we will soon hear that Sliema have extended Afric’s contract by another 2 years too. That way Mr. Afric can continue to enjoy 2 pay cheques a month, Sliema get to keep their coach here 12 months a year, and the ASA also….tghid tkellmu ftit beniethom is-Sliema u l-ASA qabel ma ttiehdet din id-decizjoni? kemm tahsbuhom hmir lin-nies?


    CF Reply:

    Kemm naqbel mieghek siehbi!
    Dawn it-tip ta manuvri ma jaghmlu xejn sew lil waterpolo malti, pero jidher illi l-ASA tifhem f’kollox

    Qumu minn hemm ASA hemm bzonn bidla u nifs gdid fin nazzjonal


  8. Kesu says:

    Well done for Karl. Good luck. Sejjer ma jaccettax Afric!!! Daz-zgur il-president Sammut jaqbel. Mhux hu kien hadu l-ewwel darba man-Neptunes!!!


  9. melvin attard says:

    well done to asa for being realistic – melvin


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