Aaron Brown and Rupert Mangion finally get paid

Saturday, March 16, 2013, 17:12
This week 2 BOV Premier League clubs respected the deadline imposed by the MFA Council and paid the money due to players and avoided points reduction. Floriana FC paid Aaron Brown and Hamrun Spartans paid Rupert Mangion respectively.
Although the MFPA is satisfied that these 2 players finally got paid, the player’s association is convinced that the current regulations are totally unsuitable, needs drastic changes and should be revised immediately.
At the same time the MFPA would like to express it’s disappointment, that other players still have issues regarding late payments with the same two clubs, mainly Steve Bonnici (Hamrun Spartans) and Duncan Pisani, Aman Verma (Floriana FC). However the MFA decisions continue to surprise everyone. Other players who have complained with the MFA for money due and unpaid salaries before these two players are still waiting to be paid by the same two clubs. The way the players’ complaints regarding unpaid salaries are being treated by the MFA is totally unacceptable. The methods and systems used are unfair and unjust with the players and allows the clubs to abuse and dishonour commitments with their players, with flagrant breach of the contracts.
The system currently adopted, apart from being unfair with the players, is also discriminating between clubs. The clubs that apply for the UEFA license to be able to participate in the UEFA competitions have to keep their books in order and scrutinised but other clubs are allowed to get away with unacceptable behaviour.

The MFPA is concerned about these issues and expects the MFA administration to take immediate action.

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  1. J.BC says:

    This “MFPA” is so pathetic! Moaning only on a couple of players not getting paid when the maltese game is reaching the lowest point in its history mainly due to betting and online gaming problems and never they seem to speak about it or most of all try to tackle the issue. PLEASE STOP THIS FARCE AND TACKLE THE REAL ISSUES!!!


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