A to Z Electronics Athleta jirbħu d-Detur Shield

Monday, November 8, 2010, 11:10


minn Colin Schembri

Siġġiewi Derby 63
A to Z Electronics Athleta 86


L-ewwel unur tal-istaġun, id-Detur Shield tal-ewwel diviżjoni mar għand A to Z Electronics Athleta li fill-finali għelbu lill-holders Siġġiewi Derby 86-63. Kif jindika l-iskor Athleta kellhom wirja mill-aqwa mmexija mill-aħwa Schembri u Michael Naudi fost l-oħrajn. Siġġiewi ma rnexxielhomx jirrepetu l-aħħar wirjiet tagħhom u wrew problemi fid-difiża fejn taw wisq spazju lill-avversarji. Għall-Athleta kien qiegħed jiddebutta l-player minn Wales Alexander Ryan fill-waqt li Siġġiewi kienu bil-formazzjoni tipika tagħhom.

Fill-ftuħ tall-partita kien hemm trippli fuq kull naħa b’Siġġiewi jkunu punt minn fuq 7-6. F’nofs is-sessjoni kien hemm parita 9-9 pero’ hawn Athleta għamlu sitt punti mingħajr risposta. Huma komplew ikabbru l-vantaġġ għal seba’ punti 18-11 b’Siġġiewi jnaqqsu d-distakk bi trippla ta’ Matijevic. Pero’ kienu Athleta li temmew l-ewwel sessjoni minn fuq 22-16. Fil-ftuħ tat-tieni perjodu punti konsekuttivi minn Naudi kabbru l-vantaġġ tall-Athleta għal 9 punti 27-18. Matijevic baqa jwieġeb għal Siġġiewi pero’ trippli ta’ Steve Schembri u Naudi f’run ta’ 8-2 minn Athleta kompliet tkabbrilhom il-vantaġġ. Siġġiewi wieġbu bi trippla ta’ Peter Shoults u punti ta’ Adrian Micallef imma l-Athleta baqgħu 12 minn fuq fil-mistrieħ 48-36.

Wara l-halftime Shoults fetaħ bi three pointer għas-Siġġiewin pero Steve Schembri wieġeb immedjatament wara u d-distakk baqa’ l-istess sar-raba’ minuta. Siġġiewi għamlu run ta’ 7-2 bil-punti ta’ Matijevic u trippla ta’ Micallef u naqqsu d-distakk għall-sitt punti 50-56. Hawn Siġġiewi għaġġlu fl-attakki tagħhom u Athleta approfittaw u punti tall-aħwa Schembri reġgħu fetħulhom distakk ta’ 10 punti 62-52 qabel ma Micallef għalaq is-sessjoni għal Siġġiewi li kienu għadhom 8 minn taħt 54-62. Wara l-ewwel tlett minuti tal-aħħar perjodu li fihom saru tlett punti fuq kull naħa, l-Athleta għamlu run ta’ 12-2 li tathom vantaġġ qawwi ta’ 18-il punt 77-59.  Issa l-partita kienet deċiża u Athleta bdew jiċċelebraw ir-rebħ tal-ewwel unur. Huma temmew il-logħba b’run oħra ta’ 9-2 għal skor finali ta’ Siġġiewi Derby 63 A to Z Electronics Athleta 86. Fi tmiem il-partita s-sur Sinan Onem minn Detur Operations Malta, ppreżenta s-shield lil Michael Naudi captain ta’ Athleta.

Siġġiewi Derby: P. Shoults 19, M. Pisani, M. Shoults 1, J. Doughty, E. Xuereb 2, N. Sultana, A. Borg 2, A. Micallef 21, K. Borg, J. Jetson, M. Matijevic 18

A to Z Electronics Athleta: M. Naudi 17, J. Zammit 1, E. Bezzina,  M. Giusti, D. Schembri 18, O. Said 11, C. Calleja, A. Bonnici 4, K. Baldacchino 8, A. Ryan 1, S. Schembri 26

Referees: Gordon Barbara, Jean Paul Sammut, Clive Terribile


  1. Hypocrite says:

    I hope that now everyone is satisfied with the resignation of the Secretary General.. I think we should be ashamed of ourselves for taking Frank for granted and treating him without the desirable respect ………..he doesn’t deserve all this hype…
    This resignation will not serve good publicity to all of us in the game…… we need to reflect …

    I hope that the majority of the Clubs will back The President to do his utmost to try in persuading Frank to revise his decision.



  2. Edmund Farrugia says:

    BREAKING NEWS – The General Secretary of the MBA Frankie Camilleri has resigned. We all know that an email was sent recently to the MBA regarding EU Nationals and that is the reason why the President Council are meeting tomorrow. This email also implied that the league could also be frozen if things remain as they are. Maybe some of these lovers of basketball will enlighten us who sent this email and which club does he represent?????


  3. Edmund Farrugia says:

    I would like to thank this website to wake up some dead wood as previously nobody bothered to LEAVE A COMMENT under Basketball section. In football, the South End Core Supporters, which we witness during international games in football, futsal and rugby but never in basketball (!!!!!), have such a streamer: SMALL ISLAND, BIG BALLS. Well, by hiding under nome de plume goes to show what stuff you all are made of. BLA KUKKI.
    But let us get back to the subject, the Athleta club (like all others) are run by two committees – the Nursery and the Youths/Seniors. The website you all cliked on (and thanks for visiting such a site) is run by the nursery so please read the heading correctly before you jump to any conclusion.
    And yes, I am disappointed with the present administration of the MBA as the policies introduced this season are those ta dilettanti and tomrorow’s President Council URGENT MEETING will substantiate. And why do you think this year we might have around 7 competitions? Do you think any club will get richer or is this just a smoke screen for the MBA to get more sponsorships for their coffers? Come on, open your eyes to reality.
    And yes, I would like to thank Sportsinmalta for such a site and which I have always participated under my own name.


  4. Siggiwiggi says:

    Mr Farrugia how about trying to get a decent website up for your club just like this one rather than opt to critiscise only! Once you have a better site than this then you gain the right to lambast this website with your pearls of wisdom.

    Until then, stick to commenting on the game


  5. Martin says:

    Edmund I didn’t know that Silvio Cassar still features on the Athleta roster … I just saw him on your website’s team photo :) Hallina sabih


    werzieq Reply:

    Anke l-pasteur amerikan li telqilhom fl-ahhar loghba li swiethom il-league u rebhuh is-siggiewi (iva s-siggiewi) ghadu hemm skond ir-ritratt lol.


  6. werzieq says:

    Edmund farrugia, what action photos are you after? Yours contesting every single referees call maybe? Or yours insulting the officials? Also, one would expect that after such a comment, the website of the club that you represent will be full of action photos! but surprisingly enough it still shows a photo of last season’s team and players of last season. At least appreciate that this web-site is putting some on line reports very fast u mela tmaqdar biss. Biex tiskongra trid tkun pur sur farrugia.


  7. Edmund Farrugia says:

    I expected to see some action photos instead of promoting the sponsor Detur, which sponsorship goes directly, 100%, to the MBA and nothing goes to the participants – Athleta and Siggiewi.
    Shame on the Scrooge MBA.

    [Sportinmalta] We apologise but we didn’t have any photographers covering this game


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